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INFIDEL OUTLAW xbox gamertag.. playing the shit out of red dead right now but would play almost anything.
catlady andrea
My gamertag is SkepticAlan. I'm hoping to get some co-op happening with people I can also have a decent conversation with between headshots...

Resident evil 5
Gears 1&2
Splinter Cell Conviction

I guess even the lego games would be fun to play with interesting people...

My gamertag is Timberwolf KW. I play mostly Halo: Reach now. You may find me playing a few random games time to time.

Hi I mostly play games like Halo and Call of duty.

My Gamertag is logansgame123

Gamertag's gameb0lt with a zero.  Behind in my gaming so I'm working on the original GOW and cod

black ops online sometimes.


You can find me on Call of duty Black ops 2 and Halo 4

My Gamertag is - logansgame123

Playing mostly Battlefront these days. Also just got Fallout4. Gamertag XhotWings27


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