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Sorry, my gamertag is Lord DarkHeImet. There is a space. The L in helmet is a capitol i.

Spanish for "no more faith."
my gamertag is ShinyRage and my husband's is stuckNAbubble no spaces= caps just the way i put them...

we are big gamers- so feel free to add us:)- just send a message along with it saying you are atheist buddies and we're all good;)

our games-left4dead, halo3, transformers2,ghostbusters,gearsofwar2,vivapinata,soulcalibur4,- i think those are all our mulitplayers:) we've also got bomberman, marvelvscapcom2, magic, tmnt, and a few other multiplayer arcade games downloaded too:) Feel like playing?
My Gamertag: Arris HIRNTOT

I play only FIFA 09 online
incase anyone missed it the last time, JACKSON POSTAL.

big Bad Company guy, i love to UMP :}

i'll play Gears 2 on Horde or Coop but i think multiplayer is broken so unless ur desperate or i'm drunk don't ask, but i still have the original Gears and still dabble in it's multiplayer with vets.

i only play nazi zombies when it comes to COD:WaW, it's hard going from suped up tiger blue M4 to thompson.

usually play with a decent group of guys, love to drink and play and laugh so hit me up for some games people.
XBOX LIVE and PS3 = themorningstar1 mainly play COD (ALL), Left 4 Dead, and Street Fighter IV and a lot of xbla and PSN games.
hit me up and say you're from TA.
Steam account = MeatvsBread

P.s. Oh, and there is no God...see you on haha.
My XBL gamertag is Sollicker.
I'm usually playing left 4 dead.
Add me if you want...just mention thinkatheist.com and I'll add you.
If anyone is up for playing MW2 teamed with an atheist, friend me. My gamertag is: JK Sniping Co

Myself or my good friend is online almost everyday.
I only have Halo 3 so far, having just gotten my XBox for Christmas, (mwahahah) but my gamertag is "xavierpetit".
No need to consider this a dead thread.

I play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (or some kind of Call of Duty) religiously.

tag: Davski1979

Please include in message who you are and that you are an atheist.
I'm not my 360 too often these days, but feel free to shoot me a friend's request.

xbox live tag = severedink


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