I watched this show on HD TV last night and not only was it really informative in terms of explaining the war in 2 hours (88 minutes with the ads taken out), but it was visually stunning as well.

Did you know that before Pearl Harbor, the US was ranked the 17th most powerful nation militarily, while by the end of the war, and ever since, it is ranked most powerful. It's up on Youtube, but if you can find a way to watch it in HD, you'll have an amazing experience. If you can't, watch it on Youtube and you'll learn many things about the war that I bet you didn't know. I know Iearned a lot.

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When the bombing of London began, many families (the women and children anyway) went to live with country relatives or moved into country homes they rented. Google up images of the devastation inflicted on London to see how horrific it was. It helps explain the willingness of Great Britain later in the war to inflict firestorms on German cities. An eye for an eye.

Do you really believe I am unaware of the devestation visited upon the allies? I don't live under a rock. Many people of my generation have only heard of the casualties in England and western Europe. Less is known about the damage done to axis powers. They tend to gloss over the massive loss of life suffered by the Russians because, well they would have been commies anyway, amirite!? And the Manchurians and Chinese? Meh. This is how WWII history was taught in my school. I like to share the less familiar stories, like the "Comfort Women" conscripted into prostitution for the Japanese military.

I think WWII shows how savagery and civilzation go hand in hand.

Do you really believe I am unaware of the devestation visited upon the allies?

Did you think my comment was about you, or do you think everything is about you?

Savagery goes along with creatures in their natural state. Civilization simply manages to gloss it over for periods of time.

Imagine being a citizen of Berlin or Stalingrad during the war.

My old boss' family is from Germany, and his father was in the German army in Stalingrad, and holy shit, the stories are so much more terrifying when you hear them from someone who was actually there.

He told me that when the Germans were evacuating they didn't have enough transport planes to get them all out and many soldiers would just grab onto the wings or wheels to avoid being caught by the Soviets.


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