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I'm still playing, but only 2 or 3 nights for raids (been playing off and on since release.) Can't hardly stand to log in for anything else. I'm one of those people that hates to pvp so that whole side of the game has no appeal.


I'm on Aerie Peak and my main is a Resto Shaman named Murakami. I've been raiding with this guild, Tel Mithrim, for about 2 and half years, joined them when they were just starting to do Naxx. Kind of a drag that we used to have to ask people to sit out on raid nights because we always had too many people show up, but now it's no surprise if we have to cancel one raid a week because we can't even fill it up with casuals and guildies' friends.

This is old... :(  I was so excited, anyone still out there playing wow since the expansion?


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I don't know what your situation is where you're at, but the guild I'm in on Aerie Peak (Tel Mithrim: is looking for raiders, but I have to note that raid attendance is kind of in a slump at the moment. We only have about 16 people who are there for almost every raid. Most raid nights we're able to round up enough casual guildies and their friends to round out the group, but some nights we just have to cancel.

And yes, I'm still at it!

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Oh, I forgot. 

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If y'all see any of these toons on say hi!


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