For your sake, I hope that you are right. Have you thought about the consequences you'll have to face if your wrong? I think you are a very intelligent person, and it is obvious to see that you have thought a tremendous amount about this philosophy of yours, but what if? Wouldn't it just be safer to believe...........?


Hold on one second. Is this what you're doing? Pretending to believe just in case? Does that work?!

That really doesn't sound like you're being very honest with-
Oh my god! And are you going around telling people all that stuff in the Bible is true based on something you're make believing in just to be safe? That's horrible! In fact, that's lying.

If that's what Christians are doing then they're complete posers! And it doesn't get much lower than that.

Honestly, it never even crossed my mind that people might actually see that as an option. It's heartbreaking to hear they're out there living life submitting to fear. No wonder they act the way they do. You've opened my eyes Christina. Now I understand the kind of "faith" you have.

So, nah. I'll skip it.

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If God is all knowing and all powerful and he creates everybody they way he wants them, then why would he have an issue with someone not believing in him, after all he made me this way, and made me not believe so really it's his fault that I don't believe in him.. Of course this all relies on the fact that he actually exists.. and that's a pretty big if.
Christina is basically following Pascals Wager ( Which is flawed.

According to the rules you must believe in GOD to get to heaven. But the wager (and Christina) is essentially saying that you are only believing because it is the safest option.

But as GOD knows everything, he will also know that you are essenially hedging your bets and so you'll be doomed to hell anyway for trying to pull one over on him.

Best thing for Christina to do is face up to the doubts she clearly has and admit she does not really believe at all.
Yes, that's correct. I'd like to add that considering all the religions and competing deities out there, the chances against choosing the correct god are positively staggering. Maybe I ought to post my essay on this.
Also, you must figure out which god to bet on. There are lots of choices so how do you decide which one is the correct one?
My honest answer, how could we bring ourselves to lie to not only ourselves, but the world and assuming God does exist, him, which would I assume be Hell punishable?
Above all else, I must be honest with myself. I cannot "believe" something just in case and live a lie.


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