Ventura is a paleolibertarian who takes all sort of conspiracy theories seriously and Howard Stern is a shock jock/radio show host/comedian whose politics are not well known. His Presidential web page is here.

One of Ventura's platform planks is scrapping the political party system by outlawing political parties.

Would you vote for them if only to keep a major party candidate out of the White House?

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Unseen, it will be the rarity of an available item that will lead to a standard of trade.  It could end up being wood, gold, or something else.

Until an economy reaches a certain level, shiny metal won't have much appeal. 

Hmm, I seem to remember something about not taking any wooden nickels.

Shhhh....I'm planning on selling my entire supply to Unseen. :D

Precious metals will always be a means of condensing values (ie. one truck load of bread equals one oz of gold) but only when trading is in use.

Unfortunately directly after a collapse anarchy tends to rule the day for a period of time, warlords seem to do best during this period. :(

Well, I was envisioning a society with only a local bartering economy at a subsistence level, and you can't eat gold.

Yea, I agree.  With local bartering where the exchanges are simple 1 to1, 2 to 1, etc. there is little need for rare items.

But when values need to be condensed then items like gold and silver serve a purpose. 

It takes an economy of a certain size and level of sophistication and with sufficient surplus production to even consider a need to, as you put it, condense value. Before that happens, a cellar full of salt pork, apples, and wheat is a lot more comforting than a hunk of shiny metal.

precious metals also have the virtue of being divisible (for those times when exchanges aren't simple) and you can store them for a while if you want to offload something but don't see anything out there you need right now.  Or if the guy who has what you want just has no interest in what you have to offer.  Since everyone accepts the precious metal, that's not a difficulty.

"The collapse is inevitable. :(  "

This was, more or less, my perspective many years ago. I'd love to see America get past this situation, but it seems to be getting worse, not better. More often than not, I am deeply proud of myself for clearing the hell out when I got the chance.

The sad thing is the 'ripple effect' from the American economic collapse.

The whole world is going to feel the impact when this bubble bursts.

Absolutely, but I could hardly be further from ground zero.


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