Ventura is a paleolibertarian who takes all sort of conspiracy theories seriously and Howard Stern is a shock jock/radio show host/comedian whose politics are not well known. His Presidential web page is here.

One of Ventura's platform planks is scrapping the political party system by outlawing political parties.

Would you vote for them if only to keep a major party candidate out of the White House?

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Didn't government start out as a circus back in ancient greece. To the public the emeporor was the greatest showman of all, the senate where the clowns and so forth. Not much has changed really just names.

Emperor?  Senate? Greece?  Perhaps you are thinking of Rome.  Or you are thinking of Greece but you are referencing the demagogues.  Admittedly the same point could be made of any state where the people vote.

Kinda got me facts on rome and greece mixed up a bit there, sorry bout that and thanks for pointing it out. 

It is a circus, therefore nothing would change but..

At least you wouldn't have career politicians in charge of the store.

"you wouldn't have career politicians in charge"

I think this is a laudable goal. Politicians whose main job is to get themselves re-elected is a problem. I think the founding fathers imagined a scenario where prominent members of society would give up a few years to serve the public then return to their normal lives. This current revolving door between office-holders and lobbyists could never serve the people's interest.

I wonder how Ventura thinks he's going to outlaw political parties without the help of the political parties themselves?

I suppose in the same way some people think wrestling is REAL. :D

I think we can do better.

I won't vote for them but I hope they stay in the race. It would make for some great comedy. I would like to see the Tea Party break off from the GOP and become a true third party, which would render both them and the GOP politically useless and impotent. 

Uhm, wasn't the president in Idiocracy a former pro-wrestler?  Would Ventura replace water with Mountain Dew?

He has been a SEAL team (special ops) member, bodyguard for The Rolling Stones, host of radio and TV shows including one devoted to examining conspiracy theories (which he sometimes seemed a bit too sympathetic to), and governor of Minnesota after which he became a a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2004. (Yes, he actually was Governor of an actual state).

You can't say he isn't interesting.

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, porn star and five-time ultimate smackdown wrestling champion!!!! A great man, a great american. He will serve up a can of whoop ass if you cross him. He will stomp your ass if you don't! JOIN THE CAMACHO 08 MOVEMENT! CAMACHO WILL SAVE AMERICA................FUCK YEA!!!


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