Would you volunteer for a one way mission to Mars?

…or an asteroid, planet, sun or moon? The point is, for the purpose of cost savings, NASA would send one way missions to space for the purposes of cheaper exploration. Your’ not saving the world or anything like that….. it’s just for science/exploration. The only catch… you won’t return to earth and your life sustaining assets will not be resupplied. This mission has an expiration based upon your life sustaining supplies (months to a couple years depending upon the mission).

The incentives: You are going where no man has gone before…. And in a sick way… you will die like no man has done before.

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I just find the topic fascinating. The ideal is – a return flight is costly – but one way missions aren’t. It seems a tad unethical. So eventually, a space race will occur between countries again. This approach is a possibility to get an upper hand in this race. I’m just curious if a nation would even seriously consider it. If I didn’t have the wife and kids I would probably volunteer for it.

It would be costly though...and a serious gamble.

As much as I would love to make such an exploration I would not do it as a suicide mission and I would very much oppose any such moves to cheapen human life by allowing exploration crews to die for want of spending mere money to bring them back. How about taxing the super rich to pay for the return of those explorers. How about cutting the bloated defense budgets of many nations or taxing the outrageous profits of drug companies, medical service companies or the energy corporations - it is them whio would benefit the most of any discoveries those explorers make after all?

Sorry but there is absolutely NO justification for asking people risking themselves to make such a sacrifice while wealth is so unfairly and unjustly distributed. Address that first then send people to where ever and bring them back alive.

You might be interested in this link, our oldest son loves this site.....  http://www.exploremarsnow.org/ 


Nina van der Roos.

I would if one of the following were true:

1) I was diagnosed with a terminal illness that might allow me to get there and be of some value for the initial part of the mission

2) I was much older (75+) with high mental and physical functionality and was permitted to participate

(I have flown in a U-2 at 70+k feet, but I would love to go into space)

I would consider it if there was some glimmer of hope of surviving and sustaining my life for longer.. they'd have to be making an effort to be sustaining life outside the egg basket.

One way trip to Mars? Give me a moment to grab my toothbrush.

Yes, I'd go. A 'You might be able to eke out survival on Mars, but if not you're out of luck' would be preferable to a 'Once you get there you've got a week's supplies', but either way I'spd be up for it.


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