I am putting this question forward to the Free-thinking community/ Atheists community. If in the near future a particular country that has declared itself as a purely Circular State is being threatened militarily by Religious or Religion aligned countries, would you take up arms in defence of such a state. If you would do that what would be your motivating reasons and if you would not what would be the reasons?

Think of Jews young men all over the globe who would have dual citizenship so that they would go and fight in Israel. Would a time come when Atheists and Free thinkers align themselves with such a country that they would rather fosake their respective countries of birth, in order to militarily defend the "homeland"?

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I am not easily deluded to think that atheists can't be just as 'bad' as theists in the ability to suppress other ideas. If 'honesty' is worthy of anyone, surely we need to aspire to it.

We're not likely to be any better at being decent people than theists are, but we should all try.

Well you are right, there must be some Atheism fanatics who has this weird believe that it's ok to kill a few who doesn't share the same believe as us in order to make the peaceful lovely beings who share our views and believes survive...

we are all human beings we are exactly the same, but somehow atheists are more motivated to try to be more decent

We'd be just as bad as those overzealous christians and muslims.

No, it's our rational thought that will win the day here.

Sadly the irrational has guns many times...;p(

Hrm...probably not...it's not enough of a binding tie to motivate me to violence. I tend to be a pacifist. I'm very skeptical of the merits of nationalism. Atheist nationalism would be as appealing to me as lukewarm tea. It's just not capturing my heart.

It's hard to think of this in nation/state terms. 

Would I shelter an atheist in my home from persecution, at grave risk to myself?   As a Christian, absolutely.

Would I be in favor of defending another nation from hostile conquest?  To some extent, yes.  The problem with nations is that it's never really about religion.  Politics, competition for resources, ethnic hostilities, etc. etc. are all involved.  I'm not sure how productive it is to intervene in such messes, especially without really having a deep understanding of the nature and complexity of the mess.  Help the suffering people, though, in what ways I can?  Yes.

I would certainly hope that your young Jewish men would think very carefully about whether they were actually defending innocent people and the state of Israel, or were contributing to ongoing land-grabs from oppressed Palestinians.

So would I as a Christian take up arms (or provide supplies, or...) to defend an "atheist" country being unjustly set upon by Christians?  Maybe, thoughtfully, within reason, if that was the only option left.  That would be in defense of an unjustly oppressed people, though, not a tribe of a particular stripe.

War is only a temporary solution. Our civilization hasn't figured that out yet as we often return to it as the modus operandi. Our planet is dying a slow death at the hands of a civilization holding no forethought as to the ramifications of it's actions. And all we can do is continue to kill one another. That approaching comet or meteor may be a blessing in disguise.

If Somalia invaded Kenya with the plan of converting every Christian/Atheist into a Muslim while introducing Sharia law...I wouldn't object if a third party stepped in. France basically stepped in in West Africa this year...with some success. 

It's hard to imagine Nepalese Buddhists invading China and hoping to convert everyone by forcing all into monasteries and making people pray at gun point. But if they did...I wouldn't object if a third party intervened.

It doesn't matter if the country being invaded is religious or not.


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