Would you publish a work similar in scope to Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses?"

If your vocation was a writer/novelist and you believed there was a need to expose the tyranny that is the religion of Islam, would you consider the potential threat to your well being worth the risk of publication? Rushdie and Ayaan Hirsi (Infidel) both took considerable risk of life by going forward with their books. Granted other authors such as Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens have attacked Islam in a similar manner but their's are limited to specific chapters of a book that attacks religion in general. 

Is the cause so compelling that one is willing to risk life and limb? Or should we retreat from the barbarism of Islamic extremists who feel compelled to carry out the fatwa that the Ayatollah Khomeini ordered against Rushdie? The very quality of religious violence that pervades Islamic culture also seems to be a hangman's noose around the neck of those bold enough to call it into question. As an atheist I refuse to accept the preposterous notions of all religions but I view Islam as an especially dangerous variety to the peace and security of our planet. Should we not step up the rhetoric against Islam and expose this religion for what it is? Or remain subdued in our criticism in fear of reprisal? For certain your life is forever changed should you decide to go forward with publication. 

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Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi are classic examples of secular dictators.

The pickle you described is unfortunately true. Education is the key. That is why the Taliban is so adamantly opposed to the education of women. They realize their misogynistic stranglehold will be loosened once women properly identify themselves as equals in their society. 

The people voting for an Islamic state when afforded the opportunity to vote in a democratic election (Egypt & Tunisia) is an uneven playing field as many of the women are ordered to stay home and keep their butts out of the voting booths otherwise they can expect the beatings to be extra brutal or even deadly. The male dominated culture of Muslim society infuriates my sensitivities of right and wrong. As a man it is almost embarrassing to watch the Islamic male subjugate and rule the females of their society with an iron fist. It makes me want to vomit. 

Which is worse Religionism or Nationalism?

Don't both reside in the same part of the brain?

Would you slap a psychopath in the face, hand him/her a knife, drop to your knees and beg not to be harmed?  After the psychopath started stabbing you, would that be too late to consider whether or not to slap the psychopath?

France and England are overrun by Islamic nutballs...how are they doing?

I live in the middle of America, I'm not overrun by Islamic nutballs, I am overrun by Xtian nutballs, first things first.


I live in the South and deal w/ the same nutballs. The only difference is that Xtian nutballs are not generally strapping on vests w/ explosives and carrying out overt acts of violence against their detractors. Islam takes no prisoners. Their willingness to murder in the name of Allah is startling. And the vicious methods they often employ (ie beheading) is downright scary. 

@ Ed:

I doubt Islamists (or xtians for that matter) will be swayed by rational attacks on their ideology, so writing books to show them the error of their ways is futile in my humble opinion.

I can't see placating religious nutballs of any stripe as a practical use of my time, so NO I wouldn't publish a book telling them they're crazy-stupid.

If not books then perhaps leaflets dropped by the millions. We need to get the message to the oppressed somehow. The change must start from within -women & young people.

I'm fairly sure the "oppressed" have figured it out by now.

But you may be on to something, an air drop of leaflets saying;

You're Oppressed and Stupid.

signed by doG. :)

It seems that it takes extreme examples to move things forward.

If it meant the death of hundreds to save millions

would it not be worth it?

If it meant a better future (no religion) for our children or their children,

how could we not act even if it meant our deaths?

We all die anyway, why not accomplish something while we live?

If someone read my book and felt the way I do when I read Bertrand Russell,

I would take that death.

Being willing to die for one's convictions is noble indeed; not for me but for the greater good of all. 

I have not read Bertrand Russell but you have made me feel a compulsion to do so.


Why I am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell

is a fantastic experience!

Cant recommend this book enough!

Yes and the wellbeing of the vulnerable like children.



Not sure ,because I'm not sure exposing it for what it is, is why I'd do it though, I would need to clarify what you mean by what it is...

To  the final question no I'm probably fairly safe from reprisal where I live if done tactfully, however I don't think everyone is the criticism fear and reprisal factor probably changes geographically for the writer.

"All that is required for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing."
-- Edmund Burke --


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