Humans, unlike most animals on Earth, are in a position to radically change their own bodies and minds.

Some of the first concepts of cyborgs (including the 1960 paper that coined the term) imagined them as humans enhanced for space travel.

Nowadays we still don't have the advanced cyborgs that have been imagined in the past (yet), but we do have a lot of people with implants and/or prosthetics for medical and cosmetic purposes. 

Is anybody looking forward to having more implants?
How about information-based implants that connect to your brain?
How about prosthetics that you don't _need_, but you _want_ for the extra capabilities they would give you?

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Just a insane crazy thought
Would you be pissed though?

I find it interesting that we can come up with some amazing ideas out of nothing. To use your imagination in such a way is astonishing.
I'm gonna have to say you dont know what your talking about.
It's not about having other sources. It's your view on science as a whole. You use it where it fits your argument. Science and consciousness don't really go hand in hand. The reason being is that consciousness is a personal occurrence. Only you know if you are self-aware. There are no machines that can test this. What happens when you die can not be based on scientific facts or theories. Unfortunately it is up to us to make these decisions as to what beliefs or ideas we cling to. I personally can not fathom not existing in some way shape or form. Can you?

"Since we still don't know what human "consciousness" is, precisely, and no one has ever demonstrated consciousness apart from a body, the idea that consciousness as an entity somehow apart from matter and energy does not appear to have much merit."

The last sentence just doesn't make sense. Nothing is apart from energy, everything is energy and matter. I could go on for days about this topic but in the end it is my own personal speculation. Which that is all that matters in the grand scheme of life. Or at least my life.
"only it takes just 49 days for the reincarnation to occur"

Buddhist believe that space and time doesn't exist when dealing with death.
Your thinking to small. I happen to own the Tibetan book of the dead having just read a great deal of it. The 49 days account is looking at it from a standard mode of thought. Time and space does not exist after death to buddist and it is not always a practice to prepare for reincarnation. If one wishes to be reincarnated then in a physical sense 49 days to a hundred years is plausible for this to occur. But not all people can achieve this as stated in the book of the dead. It says in the book that most people will take longer to achieve reincarnation if able to do this at all, in terms of finding your way back here. Some teaching of Buddha claim that you are able to choose a time and a place completely different from what we know. In saying this it explains that time and space are often not a factor in the Buddhist afterlife.

Furthermore to think of time and space one has to throw out all logic of physical life, something that can not be done by the rational mind until death occurs and one finds for themselves what is true.

But we agree that this philosophy of life and death can not be proven. But what i pondered above has nothing to do with Buddhist teaching so this argument is worthless to the discussion.
Well then good look with life. it it was all over after this then why not kill yourself now so you don't have to starve to death. small minds like yours is why so many are turned of by atheism. Your semi intelligence is only about what you can physically see in front of you. The idea that you dont wish to explore your inner thoughts shows what kind of person you are. You are disconnected from your own mind with the worthless knowledge of others to fill it. Have a little imagination in life. It may astonish you once in awhile. You talked about me not having life experiences I think it is you who have been sheltered in life. Get out have some fun life isn't all that bad.
Sign me up. However I think a body composed of nano-robots, each slowly replicating and replacing every individual cell and structure in my body would be the way to go. Each neuron in the brain would eventually be replaced by a copy that looked and acted exactly like its original. At the end of the process I'd still be be me, but in a new infrastructure. Once that bit is done, then we get to play with our physicality and mind in a way previously impossible. Transhuman at last.


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