Humans, unlike most animals on Earth, are in a position to radically change their own bodies and minds.

Some of the first concepts of cyborgs (including the 1960 paper that coined the term) imagined them as humans enhanced for space travel.

Nowadays we still don't have the advanced cyborgs that have been imagined in the past (yet), but we do have a lot of people with implants and/or prosthetics for medical and cosmetic purposes. 

Is anybody looking forward to having more implants?
How about information-based implants that connect to your brain?
How about prosthetics that you don't _need_, but you _want_ for the extra capabilities they would give you?

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I think ghost in the shell sold me on the idea of getting implants. I think one of the most interesting things to have would be wisper net. The ability to talk to someone with out using your vocal chords. Think of it like telepathy. The last I heard DARPA is actually working on a project with this as its main objective.

Another is the ability to look up data with just thinking about it and then that data being displayed in augmented reality layered through your eyes.

Ghost in the shell goes so far that they are even able to digitize your brain. So your brain could essentially float around the net. True immortality? Perhaps. Could you imagine the gray areas!? What if your brain got a virus on the net and you died? A true reset button on life. Think of the legal issues of never being able to die. The list can go on.

Finally, full prosthetic bodies are inevitable. With luck we will see the first true prosthetic body in our life time.

I am 100% in favor of implants that help human kind.
I don't think I could ever see a fully digitized copy of my brain as anything other than a copy. if it's not the "me" that was born into this world, then it simply isn't "me." Oh I'm sure it'd be a good copy. I'm sure that if I were the copy, I'd think and feel just as much "me" as I do now. But it still wouldn't BE me. Just like if I copy and paste a file. The one I copied might be the exact same set of 1s and 0s as the original, but it's NOT the original and nobody can say that it is. Being a copy is not a problem if you're a file, but if you're a human being with a unique sense of self-identity, I suspect that psychological problems would abound.
this is a argument as to what consciousness truly is. We could take a look at cloning and ask the same question. If i were to clone you does it mean that the clone would be you, most likely not. It would be more like a twin. If you copied your brain it may act like you for awhile but eventually it would form its own thoughts separate from yours. thats saying your brain is copied and put in a robotic body of course. If you where transferring your brain into a mechanical body then your thoughts will be your thoughts and stay your thoughts. I am not sure if we could ever create a fully functioning cybernetic brain without there being brain tissue involved. The command system of the cybernetic brain would have to be constructed from living tissue. Otherwise it is a brain with predetermined functions and would be limited to information uploaded to it.
can you imagine hacking into someones brain like the laughing man or like the major herself. To live forever would be a curse as well as a great journey. If you could live forever but where stuck on this planet the whole time, how unsettling would that be. i would be happy with just nanites in my body constantly working to repair cells to keep me alive. With a fully cybernetic body you would have to worry about to many parables. Rusting, malfunctions, and being electrocuted when it rains.
Excellent, it's always good to write a paper in college and actually win the discussion it causes. I wrote a paper on my ideas of money and life without it. it took me the whole semester to explain it to people but I dont consider myself as having won it though.
GitS? Watch Lain instead. XD
I'm already hopelessly attached to my laptop and cell phone. Might as well get them as implants, this way I can move around and still be connected. Its so boring to be just by yourself. And as long as I'm going to be getting implants, can we throw in a set of boobs?
Exactly. What's the difference between typing data through a keyboard or thinking it through an integrated interface. None IMO except insignifican details.
there is a huge difference. It could take out all the errors from brain to eye to hand coordination. Work could be cut not only in half but would make life more efficient. No more where is the remote you could simply think about turning the channel and it would.

I dont understand why some peoples do not want to advance. It is the next step in evolution. Its a big step toward many things that will eventually cure disease, make people smarter, and help people with loss of limbs, deformities, learning disabilities and etc.
yes, I agree with all of those points. When I said "what's the difference", I wasn't maybe as clear as I should have been. I was implying that the very widespread fear of privacy invasion that so many people have is not so rational IMO, and that I think people should relax and realize that integrationg technology and biology is not inherently bad. It can be used for bad things, but so can a butter knife.
So can a butter knife. lol Great comment
Heck yes. 

It sounds amazing. All of the possibilities. 

I'm so excited that I have nothing else other than heck yes! 

Kidding ;) 

It's something that is the next step in our evoloution, our bodies break down, we age, die and decay. No one wants that. Everyone at some point thinks about living forever. 

It's not something I have done too much looking in to, what's being developed but it is something I am interested in learning more about for sure 

Great post! 


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