Would you lie to ensure a financial inheritance comes your way?

Hypothetically speaking, if you were given a choice to make what would ensure your financial independence but went against your personal convictions would you still do it? If your mother/father told you that they could not grant an inheritance to anyone who didn't believe in god and jebus, and that conversion would be necessary to ensure your eligibility, what would be your response? Let's say half a million dollars is at stake in this decision. Would you stand your ground and remain adamant about your atheism or would you acquiesce and go get baptized? Would playing a charade to ensure a fat bank account cause you mental anguish? Or would the peace of mind in remaining true to oneself outweigh the allure of potential financial gain? 

And I realize there is the option of being able to contest a family will/inheritance. But that outcome is not a certainty.

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If I do something, I won't feel guilty.  If I'll feel guilty, I won't do something.

All depends. Truly the best answer i can think of. All depends.

I ain't got nuthin' and don't want nothin', so I'm probably not the one to ask --

Hah. I'm with Strega and Galen. Forget the others. Of course I'd lie. Half a million? Hell yes, as soon as they're dead and the money changes hands I'd be openly back to atheist anyway, what's the problem? Would I have any mental anguish? Haha. Come on people, you gotta be emotionally more resilient than that. You're not lying to anyone important. Maybe if I did have some moral qualms for a couple of seconds I could just take a nap on my big pile of money and feel better. You're still true to yourself when you're acting, or do you think actors feel mental anguish when acting out a movie role? They get payed by their company for acting, similarly I'd get payed by the heritage for my acting. There is easy cash to be made in the field of theology and superstition (same thing really). So that's my plan B anyway. If I can't get a good honest job in life and fail, I'll just go and become a priest or imam and suck the sheepy masses dry of their money. It's my safety net.

And this would be the other --

"You're not lying to anyone important."

What about yourself?

Christians quote the bible as saying, "the wealth of the wicked is laid up in store for the righteous."

Well I say the wealth of the so-called "righteous" is laid up in store for the so-called "wicked".
Adding religious stipulations to an inheritance is discrimination in some sense.

Yes, I would lie. No doubt in my mind, no matter the situation. And I wouldn't feel guilty, at least not for long.

Say you added a stipulation that carried out the lie..   Say the money was in a Trust Fund and you only got it on a monthly basis if you became a preacher and continued to preach the gospel.  If you stopped, so would the money.    You had to make the people believe in you and keep believing in you and not get voted out. 

How many would LIVE this continuous lie for the money?

I know I couldn't do it.

Why not, it'd be a thrill and millions of people already do just that. I'd preach to them and then go back into my villa, put on my comfy robes made out of bills, jump into my bed made out of bills, light my cigar with a bill, then drink a nice whiskey from a cup made out of, guess what, even more bills. While I inhale the beautiful smell of fresh money I'll chuckle about all the dumbasses I've told lies to today, about how they're sinners and will go to hell and whatnot. People are practically begging to be robbed and misled. Fuck em.

This is not to even mention the immense power these people wield. How can you say no to that?

Hey pope Benedict, should you ever read this, I'm available. I have no problem changing my name and everything, let me know if you're interested.

It is amazing the difference of perspective on this subject. From "To thine own self be true" to phuck um' and I'll take their money. While it is a form of acting to play a role that benefits oneself I believe the problem for me lies in the deceit of others. Does it not say something about one's character that they are willing to deceive simply for monetary gain. On the other hand, the fact you are being held hostage by an unfair discrimination seems to mitigate your actions. I suppose I do have mixed emotions about the situation.

What about the real life situation where preachers and reverends who are really atheist are "tending to the flock" on a regular basis and remain financially or emotionally unable to come clean


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