I just returned from a long job interview that took me no less than 3 hrs. They gave me a job application form to fill in and the question "What's your religion?" was in it. I almost got a nervous break down, I felt tempted to write Jehovah Witness but thought it would be more interesting to put "None". The reason why I didn't wrote Atheist is because Atheism is not a religion, so basically I don't have a religion. If they were asking me whether I believe in god(s) then I would have answered I'm an Atheist but I think that is none of their bussiness.

Anyway now my friends and family members say that I should've wrote I'm a Catholic... But that is a small progress that I didn't put Atheist (4 years ago I was asked about Euthanasia and I said I agree with it and the recruiter sent me home lol). I know that there won't be any sort of punishment for me if I lied about that issue and that I would actually get a benefit from it, but I don't feel like going around saying I'm something I am not just to please some random person who doesn't even know me.

Or maybe is because is not a matter of live or death.

So.. would you lie about your atheism to get a job?

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I guess I might be one of the few who would lie, but only if I really wanted to work for that company (because I know something about it that I like), and if I thought it would help.

If I didn't have special interest in the company, I might say N/A or Pastafarian, depending on my mood. N/A seems to me to be a polite way of saying "it doesn't matter". "Pastafarian" is more direct and to the point, and a lot of people wouldn't know what it is unless they googled it.

N/A lol that's real trollism

Haha, that would actually be my most honest answer. Unless I was applying to work for a religious organization, but even then I might feel the need to be honest. (I may actually volunteer for a religious charity when I have time, because they do good work that no one else around here does. Come to think of it, even they didn't ask me what my religion is.)

"... is inconsequential to my work ethic, which actually borders on the supernatural."

I don't agree with lying, but I do agree with not answering stupid questions.

Good quote, will translate it and keep it in mind for future interviews.

Gabriela... Verizon by U.S. law can not ask someone their religion. 

Rob I guess they they adjust to the laws of each country just as they have different names in different countries.

I can't by the life of me see why that should be relevant on a job-application. O_o

No I would never lie about it, because a workplace where I'd have to lie about something like that, I am pretty sure I'd be dead miserable in to begin with.

The people at the jon site want to feel confortable with a share self delusion of superiority and legitimacy. It goes bact to the assertion that 'non-believers are not moral'. I my experience, believers, because they have an out and can be 'forgiven' have no trouble being lyers or cheats. In their book a non-believer is a second class citizen, not worthy of principled treatment, they are going to hell anyway, why bother.

When I worked at a daycare in a Baptist church in Tennessee, I had to sign a document that stated 1. Jesus is my personal Lord and savior 2. I believe the bible is the inerrant word of God 3. I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.  

Now, this was at the beginning of my de-conversion, so all of those things were up in the air.  I already was pretty ok with gay marriage, and I didn't really believe the bible was inerrant, but I still did have a "relationship" with Jesus.  So I signed it, because I was desperately in need of a job.  I didn't really feel too bad about it though because I still considered myself to be a Christian at the time.  Even though I hated all the biblical stuff we had to teach the kids.  They had to say the "pledge of allegiance to the bible" every day-yes, it's a real thing.  And it was very important that they knew it, even though some of them were going into kindegarten and didn't even know how to write their name or hold a pencil correctly. I hated that daycare.  But I loved the kids, and I needed a job, so I kept it until we decided to be atheists and get the hell out of the south.

The point is, at that point in time I was ok with stretching the truth about my faith.  But if I was asked now about it, I would also probably say that my religion was "none".  There's also no way I would EVER work for a Christian ministry or daycare again.  At least not an evangelical one.  *shudders*

So they made you sign a paper that Jesus was your savior?  Was their purpose to use it in court in case you turned out to be a non-christian? I ask because it seems to me that it was a way to legally protect themselves.

No, the purpose was to make sure that all of their teachers were born again Christians.  It was a Christian daycare, so they wanted to make sure that the teachers had the same belief system that they wanted the kids to be taught.  I don't think there were any malicious reasons behind it.  Although they were a bit frustrating at times, and not the most intelligent people ever, they had good hearts.  I actually had a really good relationship with the director of the center.


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