I just returned from a long job interview that took me no less than 3 hrs. They gave me a job application form to fill in and the question "What's your religion?" was in it. I almost got a nervous break down, I felt tempted to write Jehovah Witness but thought it would be more interesting to put "None". The reason why I didn't wrote Atheist is because Atheism is not a religion, so basically I don't have a religion. If they were asking me whether I believe in god(s) then I would have answered I'm an Atheist but I think that is none of their bussiness.

Anyway now my friends and family members say that I should've wrote I'm a Catholic... But that is a small progress that I didn't put Atheist (4 years ago I was asked about Euthanasia and I said I agree with it and the recruiter sent me home lol). I know that there won't be any sort of punishment for me if I lied about that issue and that I would actually get a benefit from it, but I don't feel like going around saying I'm something I am not just to please some random person who doesn't even know me.

Or maybe is because is not a matter of live or death.

So.. would you lie about your atheism to get a job?

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That's admirable, and I wish I could afford to behave that way as a rule.

I interviewed for a job with HP years ago. During the interview one guy asked me if I was religious. My responce was, 'Asking this question puts your operation in a difficult position since state labor law denigns this as a legitamate question and could involve a claim for discrimination.' I still got the job! I think my statement put them into a logic bind, If I am not hired I could claim discrimination, if I am hired they are just fine being ass holes.

Other folks at HP still attempted to claim special privilages because they where christian. During a bid for a job, one woman with no education past high school and no engineering understanding suggested that her belief made her more fit for the job! I made no such claim, and was dumfounded at the arrogance. She got the job! HP was a great educational environment for understanding the power of BS in work contexts.  

Yes I have seen people that go to work every day with a bible under their arm so people consider them to be "respectable". They think because they are religious they are superior. For me those are the biggest pieces of trash, hipocrites.

To answer your question - No, I wouldn't lie.  I would rather find an employer who doesn't care either way and would prefer to judge me by my work ethics and character as a person.  

Luckily I am my own boss and the church I accompany for didn't care at all I told them I was an atheist.   

I was recommended to a local Christian School to be the P.E. teacher they were desperately searching for.  I have no problem with that, and I really liked the idea of getting back into teaching P.E.  So when they called me I was prepared to discuss it.  I let them know, up front, that I was an atheist and wouldn't compromise my principles by participating in religious ceremonies or observances.  They were disappointed; but they were not about to compromise their principles, either.  That was that.  So, no, I wouldn't lie.  "To thine own self be true" is more than a phrase to me; it is who I strive to be.

We should never have to lie about being who we are, atheist, gay, black or white, nor should it even be a question on any job application.

Imagine: "My sexual orientation is that I'm deep into BDSM and worship Satan."

Maybe there still are some things that we should be able to admit but shouldn't.

lol that is so true

I feel it might be worth mentioning that I've also done a fair bit of hiring in my past.  Although I've never brought up religion when interviewing, the four staff with whom I opened my restaurant were a Catholic youth group leader, a Jehovah's Witness, a United Church youth pastor, and a Catholic ex-monk (I didn't even know they still had monks).  Anyway, it sounds as though there should be a punchline, and there were many.

just say none. i dont why that question is on applications anyway


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