Would You Lie (claim religion) In Jail for Privileges??

So here's the scenario, you are incarcerated, locked-up, in the big house etc....and you are told, and know from others, that saying you are religious will get you certain privileges and benefits. Would you sell out and say you were a follower to survive?  

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If you think about it, you'd have to have done something pretty dishonest to end up in jail in the first place...I think at that point, most people wouldn't think twice about sacrificing their integrity to catch a break. :\

:/ the more you're dishonest, the easier it is to do it again. This does not make it any more okay in my eyes.


You make a valid point, but then again, if I refuse to even *appear* to renounce my beliefs in the interest of my honesty, whatever crime I did probably wasn't a violation of that honesty.

Most people apparently do. It's why 95% or so of the people in prison claim to be Christians. It also plays nice with the parole boards that fall for the "Christian = moral" ploy
Sure.  And I wouldn't even feel like a sell out.  I'd feel better than most of the conflicted people filling pews today that pretend to believe in some god story but deep down they really don't.
If everyone else is getting special privileges for saying they believe in fairy tales, then why shouldn't I? As long as favors are being handed out for not doing a damn thing based in reality, then I'm on board. Why the hell not? I'm a convicted convict at this point for crissakes, ha.
Different scenario: you are being questioned by the Spanish Inquisition.
In that case I would sign over all my property to them and then tell them I was a Satan worshiper capable of making them all impotent if they freed me from my mortal body.
That could backfire badly.  They could just torture you to within an inch of your life, and continue to do so.  Death would be preferable.
Nah, most of them would be happy with my property and the few pious ones would fear a Satan worshiper and let me go - I think.  Nothing you can do to convince them of your innocence so you may as well go the other direction.
I wonder if the Spanish appreciated sarcasm...
Well that changes EVERYTHING. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Bring out,.,,the Comfy Chair!


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