Would You Lie (claim religion) In Jail for Privileges??

So here's the scenario, you are incarcerated, locked-up, in the big house etc....and you are told, and know from others, that saying you are religious will get you certain privileges and benefits. Would you sell out and say you were a follower to survive?  

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For owning a banned book, Mr. Guy Montag.
For being right, I suppose.
My tight little butt would proclaim to be Jesus himself if I needed to survive in jail.
If it is survival, hell yes. I might even join the Muslim brothers if that is what keeps me alive lol
As a former correctional officer in a state prison I can say that nearly half of the convicts that attended religious functions did so with ulterior motives in play. It was a great opportunity to pass information/notes from one barracks to another for instance. Homosexuals liked it because it provided an opportunity to rub elbows with others of their persuasion. Gaining information other than about Jesus was the primary motivation to attend. Information inside a prison is a powerful tool and the smart ones were always trying to get the latest.
Never underestimate the craftiness of a convict. It's a shame many of them didn't figure out how to use their skills in a productive legal manner.
The "girls" who visited from Wicca got their butts in trouble but that's another story......
I hope I'd be courageous enough to say, "Hell, no!!"
Your scenario ends with "to survive?" I think I'd do most anything in order to survive, as long as it wasn't sacrificing or hindering someone else's life.
I don't see anything inherently wrong with lying to people who are already lying to themselves. Mathematically speaking, two negatives make a positive.


If the situation is bad enough, and the privileges are good enough (*cough* Indecent Proposal), I'd probably even have to consider manwhoring myself out. ;)

This is a really interesting question. It's taken a lot of strength for me to 'come out' to my uber religious friends and family, and the reactions haven't been incredibly good. However, as bad as it may sound, I think I'd fake being a believer just to get the additional benefits of claiming a religion. Being in closed spaces isn't my idea of a great time for extended periods!

Im not sure that I would but I imagine a lot of people would - thats how we are here discussing this mess to begin with.............
Isn't it sad that we have to consider this?  People who believe irrational things get special treatment, all the while those who think freely and know the truth get nothing.

With that being said, up to a certain point I would not sell out.  But there would reach a point where my sanity and survival would be in question, and that's the time I sell out in order to kill the monotony.

As far as skewed surveys, if they are anonymous, taken by a third party organization and the Prisoners fill them out privately there would be more accurate data.  I have a feeling that these surveys actually are taken from files within the prisons, where the prisoners will certainly claim to be Christian in order to fool the parole boards and get special treatment.


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