Would You Lie (claim religion) In Jail for Privileges??

So here's the scenario, you are incarcerated, locked-up, in the big house etc....and you are told, and know from others, that saying you are religious will get you certain privileges and benefits. Would you sell out and say you were a follower to survive?  

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If my life or health was in danger, yes.  I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one! 


There is a time to stand up for what you believe and there is a time to dissemble, for your survival's sake.   Atheism offers no rewards for preventable martyrdom.


This raises an interesting question of its own.  If atheists are prepared to fake a belief in god in a jail then how accurate are the surveys which find that atheists are under-represented in prison populations?   [I was about to say "penal populations" but I anticipated some lewd comments :-)  ]
Actually that is the point of the discussion.  Robert and I were talking earlier about the benefits of religious affiliation in prison skewing those results.  Those who subscribe to a religion get a few extra hours out of their cells for 'worship' as well as some extra time with their spiritual counselor.  I would grab a religion, join AA & narcotics counselling (just to hear the stories of others), get into a lesbian support group, join a native heritage group as well as support group for the white minority in prison - everything I could to help pass the time.
I would pretend to be religious for $.50.
To expand, I see it not as selling myself out but as doing whatever it takes to get one step ahead from where I was before. If I have to sell my soul for a loaf of bread I would, I don't have a soul anyway so it really doesn't matter.
Beware though, there's no completely free lunch..

I was released from prison 13 months ago. Everyone knew where I stood. I had no trouble with the muslims or

the crackpot xians. By claiming faith, I could have gotten out more. I had a tv a couple of crossword books (hard

ones) and the Oxford Complete Works of William Shakespeare. What more could one want?

(My crime wasn't one of dishonesty.)

Now that you are out, the incarcerated Atheist population just dropped significantly.

1) What do you mean 'gotten out more'?

2) Was there a Sunday chapel or church service?

a) Was there multiple denominations to attend?

b) Was there any time or activity for you to do during that time?

3) Was there much opportunity to expand your mind?


I don't plan on attending prison any time soon, I'm just really curious about your experience.

1) There were sunday services for all the xian sects. even j.w.'s & morons. In week gatherings were also present for certain faiths.  The largest single faith were the muslims (and the largest gang).

3) there was a library that wasn't too bad. I read alot of history & literature. I had my Shakespeare

& puzzlers, so my mind kept busy. I also have a mind that lets me travel to anywhere in the cosmos.

That helped out alot (but it fucked me in high school).

All in all it was a negative, but learning experience.

The biggest lesson I learned, was that I'm a lousy card player.

Why would I be in prison?
For Heresy!


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