Would You Lie (claim religion) In Jail for Privileges??

So here's the scenario, you are incarcerated, locked-up, in the big house etc....and you are told, and know from others, that saying you are religious will get you certain privileges and benefits. Would you sell out and say you were a follower to survive?  

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For an extra couple hours out of my cell each weak, even just to sit in a pew, I would say I was Christian for sure.  I wouldn't say Muslim just because prayer mats aren't as comfortable as pews.  Perhaps if I said I was Jewish I could bake some of that fancy bread around the holidays.  Anyway, I would shop it around and snap up a religion for sho'!
Yes, and I've found some pews that were as comfortable as sitting on rocks in your underwear!  It seems older churches were the worst...must have been to keep the old farmers awake during the loooooong services.  Unless knees are shot prayer mats would be a "god-send" compared to some of the old pine and oak benches.
i would rather become a sex-slave than pretend to revere any god... but that may not be the correct answer on this forum... :D
@james being in law enforcement I can tell you that it's way beyond sex. When they say jump you say 'how high?' because they hurt your family too dude. It's serious business, jail guards don't use their last names amongst inmates because their mothers get raped and kids go missing fingers. So, In answer to the question I would say safety first. If someone puts a gun to your head you tell them your the Queen of England if you think it will help. This is doubled when we know that once we die, that's it, don't mess it up to be defiant against anyone that can genuinely hurt and kill you and/or loved ones and find it funny when you cry about it.
it's a good thing i live in old fashioned canada, eh.... it's not that bad here... i hope it never becomes that way either...

Sounds to me it's time to clean house in our jail system.  Most rotten apples stay rotten and just need to be thrown away.   When a person is raised poorly and becomes a worthless adult, chances are they will stay that way the rest of their life.   When do we say enough is enough and get rid of these worthless people?  What benefit are they to life on this planet?  They're straight forward "Evil" and will always be, it's what they know and very few of them change, that's why they're in jail most of their lives. 

They are lacking a firm baseline of morals and it's almost impossible to instill that into an adult.  So we not only allow them to continue to live but we house them, feed them and allow them to setup their system of strong arming in our jail system.  


Its a major problem even in Canada, the prisoners run the prisons.
Just claim to be Buddhist.  This way you can still be officially atheist, and you will be allowed some quiet reflection outside of your cell.  (and maybe green tea too!)



specially the green tea!

Depends on what's at stake. If it's just, as you say, "certain privileges and benefits", then no, I wouldn't. It's a form of dishonesty to me not to own my personal beliefs, or lack thereof. If it's a matter of survival, well, that's a different matter.


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