An Atheists Dream......

I live in a tiny town, in the middle of the "bible Belt", that relied heavily upon the southern textile industry...The textile industry and many jobs for our townspeople, abruptly ended 4-5 years ago, when they closed several mills. and I want to help my tiny town prosper and grow through a locally owned small business, owned by a female...who just happens to be an Atheist!

This has been a dream of mine for the last 6 years. I have done the demographic studies....the possible profits...the target audience and it's a win-win situation. Instead of people leaving town to obtain goods/services, they can stay and bring people IN to our town...and with all the other local businesses in town...I am sure that my small business would only HELP local commerce!

Sometimes, when you're an Atheist in a small town, you feel, and I know there is, a stereotype reaction to me being an Atheist. Nice to your face....whispers when not around. I wish that we didn't live in a society that frowns upon people who think differently or doesn't live as others do; but we do.

However, just in case you haven't heard.....times are changing..and it's only getting better. A world without discrimination of ANY kind is a utopia hope we can all obtain one day.

We have seen strides for the LBGT community...I know we can do the same for non-believers, humanists, secularists and any other group/people that feel less than "normal"...After all, aren't we all just humans?

Our mill, along with many jobs, is being demolished....An Atheists Dream......

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