I feel like posting something a bit quirky - I had a family get together - and SOMEHOW the topic of cannibalism came up.  


Then it progressed into 'Is cannibalism morally acceptable' , etc.  


Some of my family members were utterly shocked when I said I thought it was perfectly fine if the member a tribe for instance is already dead - and the eating of the body is done as either a ritual - or a way to get some good grub.  I can see how eating a deceased tribe member could potentially increase the well being of the tribe.  It provides food , first and foremost.  It is also a way to honor the dead.  


My brother went as far as to say he would actually partake if he went to visit one of these cultures out of sheer curiosity.  My family was even more shocked, and ended the conversation.  But he was dead serious. (Pun intended.) 


So two questions. 


1.)  Is cannibalism acceptable?  

2.)  Would you partake if you ever happened to visit one of these cultures?  (I'm not talking about a life or death situation ... like a ritual feast perhaps?) 


My answer to 1.) is listed above. 


My answer to 2.)  Is ............. Yeah.  I probably would.  I'm curious.  


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Ok yes if it can be in beaks like a piece of fat back salt cured pork.. mmmmm. Now I need to go cook some beans darnit.. and I am all out of human, and fat back!

"I am all out of human"


Look in the mirror ... you might find some.  : P 

I keep trying to tell the people around me I can not be from this planet!

They are all christians, I guess I can't claim that anymore I found others like me.. I am still saying we can't be from here!lol

1) It's acceptable if say... there was a severe drought, and all plant and animal life was dead, and cannibalism was the only food source.
2)Towards the end, perhaps I might, but I probably would be dim-witted and die of starvation before I actually do.

1.) Yes.

2.) It depends on how he died; and how well i knew the person. ( i will not eat a prostitute because I'm scared of HIV. LOL )

If I had stomach burns, I'd consider eating a fireman.
Don't eat the brains though.  Wouldn't want you to get kuru.
I suppose we can't discuss cannibalism without the obligatory Monty Python reference.

It's morally permissible IMO if as you say the person has already died anyway.  I don't think I'd partake though, just for the ick factor.   I wouldn't eat beef or chicken or pork either if I could somehow know it had died naturally, just because I haven't eaten meat in so long that I have grown averse to it.

You've got to be joking, sir.  




Just one link among many I may supply you - Open your eyes to the reality of Allah - not just what is in your Holy Book.  

 i dont want even want to think about it..
And that's all we're doing... thinking about it. However, among religious people, thinking about stuff is not so common, because gods generally "advise" their followers not to think... you know, so that they can have followers. So please, keep not thinking... it's good for you.

thinking is hard on the brain that has been told what to think for so long..

I would defend him more, however i have lost my patience in defending the religious..


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