Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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Unfortunately, many of those morons would be in parliaments...
So far as I'm concerned, if it looks, smells and tastes like a steak, it's a streak.  And it'd even better, since it was grown in a guaranteed humane way, instead of the way that food animals are usually raised.  In short: Hell yeah, I'd eat me some good-old lab-grown meat.
Sign me up.
Does it look, smell, feel, and taste like meat. Sure I would, though they are having a hard enough time with sweeteners. Oh yea that last sense, does it sound like meat?
I would really want to see some very long term studies done before I would consider eating it on a regular basis. I would be very interested in having a taste and cooking with it to try it out though. I am really curious what kinds of flavours and textures might be offered.
What if it was (virtually) indistinguishable from the real thing? Example would be artificial insulin.
I'd be curious to give it a try, but I'm also never researched this. Sounds like the possibilities are endles, though, like in, say, winemaking.
I find your philosophies intriguing and would very much like to subscribe to your newsletter.

It is a compliment and I agree with you.  I think of it like this:


I'm not opposed to the ideology of pets but I rarely experience pets that are treated the way their owners like to think.  High intelligence dogs like border collies get lonely quickly and are visibly very sad when left unattended for lengthy periods of time.  Cats and really stupid dogs don't seem to be affected in the same way.  Mostly I'm indifferent about it as long as I don't have to listen to them whining/howling or step over their poop.
I'm somewhat anti-social but that's mostly because I rarely meet people capable of interesting conversations. I do like human interaction though, at least in limited doses, and I've usually satisfied that through volunteering. And I agree, there is a lot more to be gained from culturing your human interactions than by substituting such interactions with pet care.
Pets are fabulous at giving humans the illusion that they are not lonely and isolated. Religions also have that benefit.



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