Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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Good point! But I don't really peruse hot springs, either...

I am not a Vegetarian I love meat I think I would be open to trying lab grown meat as a substitute to farm raised provided there were no health risk's and the taste was not compromised but it would really have to hold in taste compared to real meat.

I don't typically eat highly processed foods... lab grown meat to me seems to fall into the category of highly processed. If lab grown meat were available I might try some out of curiosity but I certainly wouldn't make it a habit if I ate it at all. I prefer to buy my food especially meat from local/regional farms that way I know what I am really getting and that way I know less energy/fossil fuels were used to get it to me.

If we are going to have a future with deep space exploration & humans settling in other parts of the galaxy, we would need to find a way to grow all kinds of foods & nutrients in the lab, not just meat, so I for one am game for this.

It will take time & to get it to be as healthy as the natural stuff will take even longer but I'd go for it.

I don't have the article on hand, but this week on the news, meat was successfully lab grown, I think it was in the Netherlands. If I remember the radio report correctly, they said a lab-grown burger would be 35$ ?

I read something similar.  Apparently the problem is that even lab grown meat needs to be exercised - so this leaves producers with the cost of micro nutrients and energy (for electrically stimulating the muscle/meat) in place of 'feed cost'.  Turns out it's cheaper to let a cow digest grain for the micro nutrients and energy than it is to extract all those nutrients and produce an equivalent amount of energy by however electricity is produced in your area.  Oops.

Thanks that's an interesting caveat. I have not yet looked into the science behind this yet.

It was Heston Blumenthal, of The Fat Duck (3 Michelin stars) fame and part of the molecular gastronomy movement, in collaboration with University of Maastricht which was able to produce a small piece. A whole burger would cost something like $300 000. Not quite an option yet (at least not for me), but may become so in the future.

300 instead of 35... even worse than my memory... thanks :)

I wouldn't eat horse-meat I said the other day only to find out it was already in some of the products I do eat,I guess it will go the same way for lab-grown meat but not as long as it costs a Ferrari for a bite but if it goes the same way as computer parts do that won't be too long. 

I do all the time- it's called Quorn- it's actually fake meat and a mycoprotein, but I prefer it over meat and soy based products.


Nature has made everything according to a standard and precise balance. So when the meat is grown in lab, we are never 100% sure that how risky it is for us. Example is in front of you. Genetically modified food, most of them have serious adverse effects on human body. why? because scientists are never 100% fully aware of the fact that how every living thing works in nature.

Right now its just like "Hit n Trial", if it will have bad effects, we will ban it? if it doesn,t we will consume it?


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