Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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That makes me curious - what other reasons? Health?

That is actually the best argument I have seen. Why can't all vegeterians just come out and say "I'm picky, I don't like the taste of meat" instead of glossing over their personal opinion with some grand morality or attempts of seeming superior to omnivores.

I eat it because it's delicious. The rest is just white noise. 

Maybe cuz not all vegetarians are vegetarians because they don't like the taste of meat. Some haven't ever tasted meat(or eggs for that matter). They are vegetarians because of religious reasons(even though animal sacrifice is a part of the religion).

Saying you don't like something you haven't even tasted it is perhaps the definition of pickiness, and stating religious reasons is just convoluting the truth or straight up excuses. 

I doubt I'll like cats, dogs or insects if I ever try it. Not because my lack of religion, it's because I'm picky (effect) due to social-psychological factors (cause).

(I came out of the closet as a picky eater ages ago.) :)


I've heard that dog is a pretty tasty meal. Reminds me of a trip to a market in Kohima, capital of Nagaland(a state in N.E India), and the dogs in sacks with just their heads outside the sack.

I remember those documentaries, dogs were being grabbed by the nearest extremity (versus core/body) and tossed several per small cage, piled upon each other. It was equally disturbing to watch as PETA videos.

Very good point and critizism taken.

However, it seems the basic argument is "I don't like meat, therefore I'm a vegetarian". That's an OK argument, noone should be forced to eat things they don't like. The underlying reason people don't like meat are numerous, but I haven't seen any good ones apart from actually stating you just don't like the taste (full stop).

The statement "I don't like meat because animals are killed" implies you might like the taste, but refuse it because of something I find to be a fairly weak argument (vegeterians kill plants!). Similarly, a statement such as "I don't like the taste of meat because animals are killed" is just silly as I don't see the causal effect of ideology and tastebuds.

Hopefully I managed to clarify myself a bit. :)

There is no good evidence plants suffer. Animals are raised eating plants anyway!

By that definition, avoiding eating human flesh is also just being picky.


guess we're all picky eaters then, huh? Except for cannibals ofc.
Well even cannibals think that clowns taste funny.
LOL, thanks.  I just read it again and laughed too.  Very old joke.


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