Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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Carnivore like a tiger. You are closer to gorillas or chimps who eat hardly any or no meat.
Very true. They become aggressive at the implication of moral judgement. This has been studied and found to be the case.
I liked the taste of meat before I gave it up. Many give up meat on moral or ethical grounds. You presume too much.

We won't need to... we can just pretend by photoshoping bones out and we can all pretend real meat is not from animals! Hurray ! When this scandal broke about VegNews using real meat in most of their photographs, I nearly had to stop the car and laugh myself to tears on the side of the road. So much for authenticity. Is anything real in our world any more? We're all just figments of some marketing campaign or another!


Sorry! Election time makes me particularly anti-social! The fact that people "expect" promises from politicians simply blows my mind. Media should not be involved in political talk.


Ok I'll shut up now!

My opinion: Best way of reducing our overconsumption of meat is to send 10-12 years old to a tour of the nearest abattoir. :)

By the age of 14 I'd witnessed the butchering of half dozen species for food. It in no way affected my taste for meat. Not the squealing, not the blood, not the "post" wriggles, not the stench. Only three fleshes I have disliked, seal, whale blubber, and octopus. I've tasted more flesh varieties than most people


What disgusts me today... hmmm... my boss' early morning coffee halitosis.

You just reminded me that I once had rancid caribou fat while in the territories.  That was pretty vile.

Same here, but I do have a clear knowledge of what happened to what I actually eat, which I strongly believe is preferable to the naivite of those which have never witnessed it.

Same things apply to vegeterians (any 'denomination'), send them to where their food actually comes from. Agriculture and animal husbandry are far from the pretty sights advocated by the tiny minority which perform them.

Yeah, let's not forget about all those labourers who receive terrible wages for all that hard work harvesting vegetables.
Which is part of the reason I no longer fight meat but Big Ag and Big Pharma instead.
@Heather and T A A: I was not attacking big meat/agri/pharma/etc. I agree there are major issues regarding the regulation of these businesses, especially in the US, but I thread increadibly lightly around criticising them as there are no other system of food production, the first and foremost raison d'etre of societey, which can barely compare to it. Disruptions to the foodsystem, even ever so slight, have so massive social effects there can be no false flags. There was a product which had a scare in the US, I believe it was ruccola salad, which has never went beyond 50% of previous sales after a false food borne illness scare. We should not allow ourselves to hold strong opinions about it without absolute scientific evidence.


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