Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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Better evidence: Take the Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. It tong a damned long time, i believe it was 10-15 years, and possibly a few hundred deaths, for the scientists to sound the alarm bell. They were erroneously heavily critizied. Look what happened when the bell was rung - it was complete and utter chaos and countless billions in losses. It was also the right thing to do.

But what if they had jumped the gun and been wrong? Then all those wasted billions could have been pumped into healthcare that potentially saved thousands. Or research which did the same, or even just broadened our horizons. When the effects of being wrong are so huge vs the cost of a much smaller loss of life until evidence is irrefutable, let's wait for the conclusive scientific statement and not conjecture.

I was actually trying to offer something that I felt supported your position, although I guess it came off sounding sarcastic.

Then please accept my apologies for misinterpreting.

The interwebs allow poorly for the transfer of non-verbal context :/

At last something we agree upon! I think though it would stop consumption rather than reduce it.

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Meat- yes I would...

Better than crappy meat, skinny, "naturally" grown scranny, underfed, digging in the dirt, oil-soaked, natural chickens-

Have you ever seen chickens or other animals in poor countries??? Have you ever been on a farm, ranch or any where where food is actually grown- ever-- my relatives are ranchers and farmers- what they do is not what is on the horrible "documenatries"- most are not-

Name a food  that is not genetically modified by humans over the last 10 thousand years??????????

If you really really really like meat then you'll love this - otherwise you might just turn vegan:

I think my arteries hardened by the end of the video :P
I might give the lab-meat a try. I grew up in a steak and potato style household. I have had a wide variety of meats (no people or soilent green thank you). I am quite physically active and very meat dependent. I tried to have a day without meat a time or two but I felt rather weak and couldn't perform well. Unfortunately we have to feed 5 to 6 people at my house on a very tight budget. I wouldn't even care if the faux meat tasted and looked like Spam we'd still probably eat it if it had the nutritional value.
Try substituting meat with legumes a couple times a week. I also used to eat lots of meat because I didn't find any good substitute, but when I started eating beans and lentils on a regular basis I found them to be very good substitutes in every way.
Meat does provide a wide range of amino acids that are not found in single non-animal sources.  Although one can get all the necessary aminos by eating particular varieties of veggies and fruits, it is in fact quite easy to miss out on some necessary aminos if you skip meat and dont' know which plant products to select.  For anyone taking part in very strenuous activities, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that nutritional deficiencies might manifest as fatigue in less than 14 hours.
I think it would depend on the level of activity undertaken and the body type/metabolism of the person.  I know people who seem to be fine working 8 hours without eating but I start to get dizzy and can't continue.  Mostly I need complex carbs to keep going, but a glass of milk or piece of cheese really really makes a big difference, especially when I'm cross country skiing.
Some of the very physically demand task I have done gave me my personal proof to go by. On the days where I did not eat meat I had more difficulty verses the the days with. Also I use to be into to body building getting better results with real meat and not so well with supplements. But that is just me.


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