Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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And they hate coming home to a cold shoulder. :)
Including humans is a bit outside the scope of the discussion. I doubt too many would disagree to the fact that there is a difference between hearding humans vs animals for their meat. This, for me, becomes an overextention of the argument, essentially a reductio ad absurdum.
I think it's fair to ask why meat eaters would abstain from particular types of flesh - it does make one think about the issue. Obviously we don't select what we eat solely from nutritional/flavour evaluations. I've eaten dog, but I would be uncomfortable eating a dog that I knew as a pet, after playing fetch with it and stuff, and I don't think that is hypocritical at all. I don't think eating humans is a good idea because I value humans for more than just their flesh - and I don't think that is hypocritical. As far as eating human who have already died, well I would tend to avoid that because it would be an affront to the emotional sensibilities of their family, because I would be concerned about eating them if they died of disease that might taint the flesh, because humans have a disgusting diet and I believe this might make the flesh toxic in some ways, because I think humans might have a flavour that I would find unusual and difficult to adjust to. I don't think this is being picky or hypocritical.

I think there are two parts to the argument:

1. What is considered edible as percieved by our senses and scientifically measurable (i.e. that we have taste receptors for i.e. proteins/amino acids and sucroses (umami and sweet)).

2. What we percieve as tasting 'good; which is more a socially conditioned thing (i.e. hindi not eating beef, jews not eating pork, vegeterians not eating meat, etc).

The argument is, of course, much more extensive, but I trust you to have the intellect to fill in the blanks and I don't need to type up a complete argument. That we don't eat something we may scientifically not dislike is by definition caused by other than scientific factors which rely on argumentation which can be either weak (easily challenged) or strong. Not eating humans has strong arguments behind it (as you just pointed out), but I do not percieve most strict vegeterian arguments to be very strong.

Side note: It should be noted that I believe humanity would do well in substantially reducing their meat consumption, and a strong argument (among a number) would be environmental concerns.

Not at all, my 10 years of being vegetarian were DESPITE my loving meat and nearly all its flavour variants. This has been true of 95% of the vegetarians I've known.
Then why?

As I previously mentioned... :)

The argumentation that swayed me to become vegetarian for 10 years were my health, environmental health, domestic animal welfare. When I became lactose intolerant, my personal condition overcame my politics. So now I only eat meat infrequently. Truth be told, after those 10 years my health had not generally improved, but would it have declined more had I not been vegetarian? Impossible to say without testing. Which is the challenge with all studies claiming vegetarians are healthier, those are epidemiological studies with which much can be faulted.

From those three arguments, fake meat would only alleviate domestic animal suffering, but to think it would have any other positive effect, I'd be much surprised.

And the

widely held and accepted academic evidence to support your arguments, preferably in a topic specific textbook, are exactly where to be found?
I agree. Most think it unethical like me.
Actually, I haven't met too many vegetarians who act superior. It is the non-vegetarians who try to act superior, in my experience.

Well I try & tease all vegetarians I meet, because as you know that most(almost all) vegetarians in India are vegetarians for religious reasons. And some of them act really funny, like there is a group that won't go into a restaurant if it serves meat. 

I just say how can you eat all the grass & leaves and nothing else. Goats & sheep's eat like that, I'm a carnivore like a tiger :P

Do they eat diary product though?  Like cheese, milk, and yoghurt?  I don't mind cooking for vegetarians who eat these things, but vegans can be a real pain to cook for.


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