Would the religious community accept evolution as a fact if it didn't apply to humans?

This comes after hearing the deep and intellectually profound statement "I ain't come from no ape," actually come out of someone's mouth.

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Well that's a double negative, so they are saying that they DID come from an ape!

Muslims?  Probably, yes (the Quran is vague enough about creation to allow evolution as long as you don't touch the Adam and Eve myth).  Christians?  I doubt it.  Genesis dug them into a pretty deep hole as far as creation is concerned.  Fundamentalist Christians still believe dinosaurs coexisted with humans just so they can keep the 5,000-year-old-world thing going.

"Fundamentalist Christians still believe dinosaurs coexisted with humans just so they can keep the 5,000-year-old-world thing going."

Erm, no, that's not true, at least in my experience... (I spent years in a fundamentalist church.) None of them believed humans and dinosaurs co-existed, and while some were creationists, others were not.

You're right I shouldn't have generalized.  I did watch a pastor on TV who explained in excruciating detail his "proof" that dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  But I'm not an expert on fundamentalist Christianity and I'll submit that it may very well be a minority or even a fringe view.

"and I'll submit that it may very well be a minority or even a fringe view."

It's my experience that it is indeed a fringe view! Thankfully...

The ones at the church I'm forced to listen to every week believe that fossils were planted on earth by Satan to deceive people.

That frigging Satan, he is just soooo tricky lol:). But he does get around.

From Africa, to America, from Mexico and Argentina to the Arctic - wow!.

There is a Creationist Museum In Petersburg, Kentucky, built in 2007.

It presents an account of the origins of the universe, life, mankind, and man's early history according to a literal reading of the Book of Genesis. " 

Copied from link - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creation_Museum 

The museum complete with Tyrannosaurus co-existing with humans. This museum gets million of dollars in donations from xians, and is on 49 acres of land.

Copy and Paste - Over 80 of them animatronic (animated and motion-sensitive). Model dinosaurs are depicted in the Garden of Eden, many of them side-by-side with human figures. In one exhibit, a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus are shown aboard a scale model of Noah's Ark.

Newsflash, The " religious community" already does  accept evolution as a fact .. at least outside of Bugtussle USA!

The Catholics have accepted evolution as a fact for generations, as do most main stream Protestants, and the only creationist religious people in New Zealand, are a handful of Muslims and maybe 150 American-influenced recently formed Protestant groups.

Evolution is a fact. It is not a matter of belief. It is one of understand it or misunderstanding it. We share common ancestory.

My point is that the vast majority of 'religious people' do not dispute it!

It's different in America, especially in the bible belt, where evolution is still hotly debated both inside and outside biology classes.



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