...a couple staffers had been armed?

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What was the excuse for not just setting up more metal detectors and security in the schools again?

How much of a joke is that? I know you're not actually complaining about the scenery and the TSA when dead kids are the alternative.

How far behind are you? That idea was suggested and mocked a hundred times by now.

So we should set up security in all schools, libraries, cafes, restaurants, shops, bus stations, parks...... etc

Do you want full body scanners everywhere? Thanks, I'll take the infinitesimally small chance of the alternative.

I know, I think I was one of the first to bring it up. I forgot why it had been mocked. Now I remember that there was no reason. Just weak excuses.

No, you're right. What's a few dead kids as long as you have your privacy? Tired of having cameras everywhere? Here, have a couple dead kids. Afraid of a police state? Few dead kids should take care of that. Think your constitutional rights are being infringed upon? Just a small pile of dead kids will patch that right up.

Your freedoms are SO important. What was I thinking? Security is impractical! I was being completely unreasonable.

Are you truly as naive as to think that cameras would stop a suicidal shooter? My question was literal. Do you want TSA everywhere? Do you want to get strip searched and finger fucked for a coffee? To borrow a book? Do you want some double digit IQ ape go through your bags and pat you down each time you need  to catch a class? Because otherwise you cannot make anyplace airtight.

And stop using dead children as an appeal to emotion to bail out your leaky point, you disingenuous dolt. It's not going to work on me, and you sound like clergy when they talk about abortion.

"Oh you want your freedom to choose? Nevermind aaaaaall the dead babies!!!!!"

If everyone here already told you how nonsensical it sounds (and you "forgot" for some reason) it probably has a reason.

Perhaps it just needs to be "packaged" in the right way,


The War on Gun Free Zone Violators


The War on Baby Killers

or something more restrained

The School Safety Plan

However the cost of metal detectors and full time security guards is a major stumbling block to a government body more interested in it's global empire then the safety of it's own school children.

For a much lower cost and a decent chance at preventing the next school shooting, here's my suggestion;

Remove the "Gun Free Zone" signs, that has not worked.

Allow those adults who work in schools and wish to carry a firearm, to apply for a special permit to do just that.  The permit process could include qualitative and quantitative testing and training to provide the skills necessary for the purpose.  There should also be a requirement for regular live fire refresher courses to maintain those skills.

The Media could help by covering the whole process, schools would go from being "Target Rich Environments" to "Protected and Safe Learning Locations".

Children in this country deserve a safe learning environment, fear mongering about guns will not provide that, the suggestion I've just made would go a long way toward that goal.


Somehow I don't think you're done.  It's just a feeling.

@ Blaine

I am so sick of this NRA Bullshit !! All weapons have one purpose, and one purpose only to Kill period. The public does not need them.

Tell that to the Syrian people.

See...I knew you weren't done...welcome back.

The Founding Fathers (remember them) wrote the Constitution after releasing themselves from the tyranny of others, they realized that an armed populous was the best guarantee against tyranny, foreign or domestic, ergo the 2nd Amendment (gotta love those guys).

I gave you the example of Syria to show what an unarmed people must contend with when Tyranny rears it's ugly head. 

Guns have many uses, only one is to kill, another more important use is to deter others from harming you, this only works if you possess a gun.  Personally I like practicing the skill/art of shooting small groups in paper targets, this requires a lot more then just squeezing the trigger.  Others enjoy hunting, still others enjoy shooting competition, others collecting, etc.

I also practice a lot with my everyday carry weapon a Glock 26, it's main purpose is my own personal security, it can and will be used to kill if the need arises (which I hope never happens).

I have no problem with others choosing to be unarmed but they shouldn't look to me to protect them from those who would choose to harm them, they are on their own.

The Founding Fathers were geniuses. They did a wonderful job structuring the government. It's just silly to think that they fucked up something this important. The fact is, they didn't. They obviously intended to ensure that the States had the right to maintain militia - ORGANIZED militia, not some scattering of simple-minded yokels with gun disease believing they could turn against their government at a whim.

In militia, in those days, weapons were not kept in an armory, they were kept and maintained by the soldiers themselves. The 2nd Amendment was phrased  in a way that was a colorful colloquialism in their time, never dreaming that some little boys, refusing to relinquish their toys, would twist their words to release mayhem.

About hyperbole: Hitchens was famous for straight talk. He believed that politeness and respect should be reserved for rational people and withheld from those who aim to squelch truth. In exactly the same way, no respect is due to those who, knowing the truth about the evils of a gun-soaked society, joke, belittle those who feel strongly about the subject, and continue to propagate myths - effectively sanctioning mass murder and thousands of gun-related deaths.

Sandy Hook was the trigger in the fight to return to sanity, at least in the long term. The vast majority of Americans are SICK of treating gun nuts with respect.

@ Mike Long,

Thanks for the insight Mike, I and others I know are already part of the Militia, would you sleep better at night if ALL the gun owners joined the Militia?

I am shocked to learn that the Founding Fathers got that 2nd Amendment fucked up.  Thank goodness you are here to set things right, will you be amending the Constitution soon?

The part in your post that I find soooo striking is to discover that there are 97,000,000 simple-minded yokels with gun disease living in America, Damn Who Knew???

Hitch is dead, so we can't ask him about the 2nd Amendment or the genius Founding Fathers who fucked it up, but Sam Harris did comment on the Gun Control issue in his blog, have you read it?


"Thanks for the insight Mike"

My pleasure. Glad to see you've come around.

However you really need to slow down and read more carefully. At least take the time needed for the actual words to enter your brain. One could hope that the process might go further allowing you to understanding the meaning of the words; but, we all know that to be unlikely.

No, I haven't read it. Others here will understand that my reference to Hitchens was purely about his unwillingness to suffer fools gladly - something I know Harris agrees with.

As your attempts  at humor override your desire to address the issues presented squarely, you have proven yourself unworthy of my attention.


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