...a couple staffers had been armed?

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That guy is warped. Unless it's a sick joke by a gun opponent, that is. There is no twitter account by that name now, so it's hard to know if there ever was one. Certainly creating a graphic that looked like a tweet would be simple to do. I could do it in about 15 minutes.

There is a Facebook, it looks like FB not twitter. Little Rock AR. 2nd match down on my FB search. He changed his picture to a mountain. And, he has a friend Tom Thompson. Probably deleted the post after taking some shit for it.

Every other post the guy does is praying for somebody about something. Latest for the electricity being out around xmas.

Nice picture with his buds most of them wearing the same church mission shirt. He looks young.

In December I'll ask him to pray that Netflix doesn't go down on Christmas Eve again.

That is not the solution, look at Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ring the fire alarm and shoot them outside. The solution is not letting them walk after 7 years. The solution is holding the father and grandfather accountable. How could the parents of the Columbine shooters not know about the weapons they posessed?  Until they reach majority, parents are responsible for them and everything they do.

How could my parents have not known about the Penthouse magazines in my room?

what makes you think they didn't?

Good point. They definitely didn't know about shotgun, though.

You had Penthouse??? Shit all I ever had was some pages torn out of an old Playboy!!!  Lucky bastard. :)

My science club did have a stash once, but we found it less interesting than rockets...could rockets be sort of the same thing?

You had Playboy? Lucky bastard. Add a couple decades. All we had before Playboy came out was National Geographic and the underwear section of the Sears catalog.

@Unseen - Good idea

"I'm sure a safe with a combination lock or random character passcode would keep even high school students out 99.999% of the time. I think the benefit would outweigh the risk."

"I'm sure a lot of things would surprise me, but we can't reject a good idea because it grows awry a very very very small percentage of the time."

So the gunman shows up loaded down with his arsenal. The receptionist says, FIRMLY, "Stay right where you are" and starts looking for the combinations (there would have to be two because safety rules dictate that weapons and ammunition are stored separately). Meanwhile the gunman, having an innate sense of fair play, pulls up a seat and waits for the conflagration to start.

Seems a bit clumsy. The easy answer - arm every student.

I believe I said Penthouse, not Playboy. Penthouse was far better wank material than Playboy, and (if it's still around) still is, because Playboy refuses to admit what it is and go the extra mile. Anyway, then Hustler came along and no, um, holds were barred.



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