...a couple staffers had been armed?

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Can we conclude he's a Marine based on his icon when he talks like an insecure 16 year old wanting to impress his buddies out under the bleachers talking about girls? If icons are to be trusted, I'm Max Headroom!

Hahhahahahhah apology?

For what? Talking to someone who deliberately baits you in and then tries to bash you when you don't see his way. Get real

Im sorry am I supposed to be offended here? Especially coming from a 64 year old man with the self proclaimed genius attitude that still haven't gotten past the 5th grade bully mentality.


You're the one who talks like a swinging dick in a dive bar.

Sadly we can feel insecure at any age.

I would never say "I'm smart." If I cite I have background and experience in an area where it's relevant and apply logic to discussions, that is being aggressive and/or bullying? How is that? He does express himself like a boy, an observation I'm sure other adults here have thought.

Well, gee, I'm sorry you see it that way.

Do we need to draw a picture?

There's always talk of gun control after a mass shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Connecticut is no different. I would be surprised, however, if two weeks from now any progress has been made on placing restrictions on gun ownership.

And even if, later, some legislation has been proposed and eventually enacted, I'd be surprised if much of the legislation survives the gauntlet of Federal Courts and ACLU. On June 28, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that strict handgun regulations in Chicago were unconstitutional. On a side note, Chicago has been experiencing a flood of gun murders this year. 

Now, the ACLU's policy is that it takes no position on gun control one way or the other. A closer look (here on a site run by gun control opponents), reveals that they tend to agree with gun control. HOWEVER, when it comes to requiring psychological evaluations, which many people want purchasers to pass before buying a gun, I suspect they will draw a line there even if they won't oppose other restrictions.

Personally, I'm not opposed to gun control. I just don't think it'll help much. It will be about as effective as our laws against exceeding the speed limit or smoking pot.

Here's something seldom discussed about gun control laws. They are almost entirely about purchasing and owning guns. 

If you want to massacre people, you don't need to own the gun, you just need to HAVE it! A lot of inner city mayhem is done with stolen guns, and the Sandy Hook shooter shot up the school with a gun he didn't own. His mother did.

Great point. We are discussing what is epidemic type problem and we are discussing anecdotal examples, idea skeeting, and single solutions instead of using all available options to approach a multifaceted issue.

Perhaps the mother was simply exercising her Constitution right to bear arms. Perhaps she did not feel comfortable or safe in her house with out a gun. Perhaps she liked to hunt or target shoot. Whatever her motivations, I would like to see how difficult it was for this kid to get to the guns, and if it was easy, then she does not appear qualified, trained or have the common sense to handle guns at her house. If she didn't feel comfortable in her own home with out a gun well that's seems ridiculous to me. I have an aluminum baseball bat and feel quite comfortable not having to go further than that. So lets address the cultural issues that people insist on having a gun when there is no reasonable statistical need or likelihood that you would ever need to use it in a deadly force scenario.

If I hear home invasion mentioned one more time I'm going to puke. The low statistical likelihood of that happening to you, the lower statistical likelihood the the guy won't just take your shit and leave, and the even lower statistical likelihood that it will end in your death or the death of a family member, does not seem to weigh very logically against 10 million gun sales in 2011 and 31,347 gun deaths in 2011.

I wonder if there's any reason why the bulk of kids the shooter shot were little girls? 

ALL of the dead teachers are female, but I suppose in any typical elementary school most of the teachers would be female, so that's less remarkable.


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