...a couple staffers had been armed?

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"bellum omnium contra omnes"= War of all against all

"Helter Skelter", Manson be blessed?

Sadly, I feel the vectors to that end at times....

One American's viewpoint


"Nowhere did I say just "not help." It depends on how it affects you. So you would help someone even if it kills yourself? No you wouldn't, we all know that, because no sane person would do that for a complete stranger."

It is possible that I am picking up on the, what I see, as a rather crude us of words to reference how you would relate to a stranger, and how you would evaluate their worth. I might be mistaken very badly, maybe it is a recidual from my catholic upbringing. I watched how street people were treated in Portland while I was in school there.  I realized that I was watching a few of them decay slowly on the Park blocks over my two years, till a few were no longer there. And noticed now some of the local theists only helped, when it might mean that another 'soul' would be 'saved'. I only had a little more than these street people, but atleast I had a home to go back to. That 'watching', left me with something of a bitter taste, as a philosophy major, even a greater desire to change something, but a feeling of powerlessness. Latter I found myself passing through a similar state of being, but atleast I had a extensive support system, and never saw 'bottom'. 

Since Martin Bryant shot up Port Arthur we tightened gun laws and gun ownership especially automatic and semi automatic weapons there was a massive  buy back and gun amnesty as well .

I'm happy to say gun ownership in Australia is for sportsman and farmers for the most part ,hardly anyone has guns here it's "not the norm" , we don't need security at all at our schools because we just don't have the gun ownership going on . Love it or hate it , it works!

Obviously our gun culture is very different but from an outsider's point of view , i am touched and saddened when i read about hear about see what's going on in America with the effect Guns, Gun debates Gun issues are having on American communities I personally would hate to think my children went to school and saw armed guards as normal.... :(

I suggest you check your own crime statistics.

Also you may wish to talk to the victims of violent crime since your government's $500 million dollar forced buyback program.

The Right of Personal Defense against those who would do you harm whether an individual or a group representing a government agency has always been and will always be a Human Right.  It's one of those pesky "unalienable rights" Jefferson wrote about, I'll do what I can to keep mine thanks just the same.

Not everyone in Australia feels the same as you, not everyone in America feels the same as me.

Thank you for this enlightening contribution to the conversation.

"I personally would hate to think my children went to school and saw armed guards as normal"

Yes, my "normal" has certainly shifted. I grew up in Chicago. ("Stop or I'll <bang> shoot".) Nowadays, when I go overseas, I do a minor mind-flip even to see cops carrying guns. My kids grew up with cops being unarmed. Still the case. Australian cops all carry sidearms, don't they?

@Gregg R - Oh, yes, Australians do think exactly as Peta says - certainly there ae illegal guns in Australia, where it is mainly bikies that really enjoy shooting each other. We don't have school massacres ad nauseum, or go to the movies and get shot up. It is a paranoia of Americans, where you have to protect yourself against , oh, yes other Americans. The NRA is just another religion, who survives very nicely instilling fear. America has lost it's power and kudos and is seen as just another paranoid country.

When the police sell off guns they have confiscated, what chance is there. None.

And yes, I feel sad to think there has to be a discussion on how to protect children going about their daily education, on how they should be protected. From the Australian perspective, unbelievable.

@Suzanne Olson-Hyde,

Good evening/morning/afternoon (that should cover the possibilities), I did a quick YouTube search for you, one of many hits.

I have the answer !!!!

Eventually gun violence will escalate to a point where virtually everybody gets shot at least once. Only the survivors will pass on their genes and eventually the human species will evolve and become bullet-proof, rendering guns obsolete. Do you think at that point gun lovers would still love their guns, if they lose their potency? I love target shooting with my pellet gun, but at 1000fps, it still is sorta lethal. hmmmm.

Survival of the thickest. You point out an interesting thought regarding the traits that would be passed along.

Armed security guards are probably a huge plus, but I have doubts about the schools being able to afford them. If schools had one entry point that was accessible during operating hours with armed guards and/or metal detectors, it would be a great help. When I wnt to high school there was at least 12 entry points that were unlocked during the school day; each classroom in my old elemetary school had an unlocked door right to the outside schoolyard. I think this is a mistake; anyone could have sneaked in the building undetected, as some of the doors entered into empty, unused (and unattended) hallways. Doors can be made to open from the inside but not the outside for fire safety reasons, so why have all your doors unlocked all the time when it's such a huge security risk? I don't know the details of the Connecticut school's door situation, but I think that one entry popint with a security guard would be an asset to schools, especially those in higher risk areas.

I also had an idea (surely I am not the first one to think of this) that maybe we should begin mandatory mental health screening of school age children. I mean, we screen them for vision and hearing impairment, scoliosis, lice, ect... why not mental disorders? True, it would have to be more confidential than your standard vison screening, but if we screened once in elementry, once in middle and once in high school, maybe we would catch some of these would-be sociopaths/psychotics before they enter adulthood and our society and get them the help they need before they lose their cool on some unsuspecting public service building. I know that this would not screen out everyone, but I have to believe that it would at least make a dent in the number of people who go on shooting massacres.


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