...a couple staffers had been armed?

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So in the 'world' you would live in, others around you, are they something worth valuing, in and of themselves, or just walking meat for your table?

Maybe I am nieve, I thought that Atheists had a 'superior' ethical model than theists. In my experience, theists will betray others, if they do not believe like they do. I had hopped that atheists might be a little 'more' than this. In the end, 'each man for himself', will most likely end as 'no man standing'. I can understand the limits, and that an 'unreasonable' self-sacrifice would put the breaks on many of us here, but 'not helping'?

I will assume that this conversation has gone badly wrong. Returning to the theist camp would be an 'unreasonable' decision for me.    

illegitimi non carborundum

James what's up with your reading comprehension? You seem to have skipped this part:

If I can help you without endangering myself, I will. If I cannot help you without also significantly risking my own life, I will not.

Nowhere did I say just "not help." It depends on how it affects you. So you would help someone even if it kills yourself? No you wouldn't, we all know that, because no sane person would do that for a complete stranger.

Here is an indisputable fact. Whatever the maniac in Con. did, what he did not do was misuse his weapon.

A firearm has one single purpose. To fire a projectile with enough force to penetrate what is being aimed at.

It was not modified in any way to operate outside of its design and intention. He utilized the weapon correctly, did everything to operate it correctly and was successful.

He took a firearm and used it for its designed purpose.

Yep...in direct violation of every applicable  law we have including the "Gun Free Zone" law.

And then he shot himself in the head with one of the four handguns he used for his crime.

What do you purpose to do about it?

"What do you purpose to do about it?"

Easy. Get rid of all guns.

Great plan. How do you plan to do it? with a coup done by an army without weapons?

"Hands in the air and drop those weapons" said FIRMLY, "or you will be guilty of breaking the law"!

But seriously, I am VERY happy to live in a society where gun violence is rare compared to The States. 

Would the Māori agree?

Please ignore Blaine Leavitt.

Adopt ME! (Psst B.L. I'll send for you as soon as I'm settled)

I'm hobbit like if that helps.

Long live Peter Jackson!

New Zealand, where the men are men and the sheep are scared.

Where do you live?  And I can only assume that by the statement that YOU pay alot of money for protection, you must be referring to body guards.  In that case, by all means, turn in your weapon, and those of your guards as well.  If anyone truly believes that guns dont protect, then tell me why every person of importance has an armed escort?  Why doesnt the President walk down the street with out them?  Hmm, maybe because guns in the hands of COMPETENT people does do good.  ANd if you are referring to the taxes you pay, how much do you pay in state taxes a year?  Because I am pretty sure it probably is not enough to cover even a tenth of one police officers salary, and if you mean your federal taxes paying for the military, they do not have that authority to carry out policing actions against the American populace unless under Marshal Law.  If you want that, then Sweet! lol, I would love to hear the complaints about that one.  Oh, and btw, neither you, nor anyone else should have the right to decide which weapons I should be allowed to own, because there is NO stipulations in the Constitution, and also, just in case you forgot, the rifles carried by the military back when the Constitution was written, were the same ones owned by the MAJORITY of the civillians, and they were the musket rifle.  Your quote "Assault Rifle".


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