...a couple staffers had been armed?

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Have you every heard the term "Data Mining"?

You start with the conclusion you want and then go find some supporting data.

Well this is a good example of how to do it.

Damn my eyes hurt.

"When the Framers penned "the right to bear arms" their point of reference was a single shot musket; not a 100 round auto-loading assault rifle."

Or a 3000 round/min helicopter mounted gatling gun.....

I would laugh but your lack of knowledge about the Framers of the Constitution and the history of your own country is disheartening and saddens me.

You're right, they were fucking idiots, if only they had had the Mayan calender all would be right with the world.


They may have realized that the conditions in the future would change, and decided to leave behind a living document that could be changed if need be.

Which is exactly what they did.

If you don't like the First Amendment change it, a national religion sounds wonderful.

I doubt it, I'm old and set in my ways.

The only advice I can offer is don't be sensitive or take things personally.

If I change my picture will that make you feel less concerned?

There you go, I changed the picture.

And don't worry, I limit myself to ONLY 10 high-capacity magazines per gun, I ain't one o' those funking gun nuts for doG's sake. :)

I would never kill Bambi, if I want meat I go to the market.

Bambi no, bossy yes.

Way to demonstrate self-control Gregg. ;^)

I mostly work on breath and trigger control.  Paper targets fear me at the range.

Yea, but it got too expensive every time I tried to play Duck Hunt I had to buy another T.V.

I'll stick with the paper targets they're cheaper.

This video gives some interesting insight to this discussion: 



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