...a couple staffers had been armed?

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Texas is considering this idea for some rural schools because police response times are much longer. Teachers would receive a small bump in pay to get trained and certified in shooting and gun safety, keep a weapon secure but available, and be prepared to use it in the case of an incident. I don't remember if the Guardian Plan as they call it includes psychological testing, but of course it should. 


RE: "I don't remember if the Guardian Plan as they call it includes psychological testing, but of course it should" - in Texas, Henry, psychological testing should also be a requirement to run for public office, but sadly it isn't. If it were, what would Rick Perry do for a living?

However, it IS a requirement in the State Constitution, that no atheist may run for public office!

"Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real.
Religion is believing that other peoples' hallucinations are real."
-- Dan Barker --

They should consider psychological testing for Texas voters. LOL

Why just the Texas voters?  This country has elected some real prizes to the highest office for decades.

I won't mention any names I'm sure everyone has their own favorite.

However we ALL do live in America where every lowbrow and highbrow has a vote.

I just look for ways to survive while swimming in the sea of CRAZY.

I think there is some crazy, but I think there are a few too many sharks, nasty jellyfish, filter feeders, and social predators.   

"...what would Rick Perry do for a living?"

In a word 'Minister'..

Sounds like a fitting punishment.

we don't need to turn schools into the OK Corral.

At least no one would be targeting the students.

I just check every gun store in my area population 300,000 not an AR-15 to be found, the shelves they be empty.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, this is going on right now in my city, Rochester, NY


Two firefighters shot and killed when reporting to a fire this morning.

"The only thing that stops a bad fire victim with a gun, is a good fireman with a gun"


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