...a couple staffers had been armed?

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I think the martial arts suffer an image distortion akin to the noble savage.

Or maybe not everyone who practices them drinks deeply from the ethical well most of the Asian ones have. Now, Russian systema, Israeli krav maga, and some of the western ones probably don't have much of an ethical well to start with.


If he were a berserk ninja, we'd all be dead.

If they had berserk ninjas on staff, only he would be...


I got to laughing so hard in reading this thread that I had to stop before I had a heart attack.

One of these days we may figure out how not to hurt each other, today isn't one of them.

Damn. And we almost got you.

Today is always the day to be better.

Nice, Lewal.

That's funny, but a really effective "friendly" response person wouldn't even be known to the students until/unless he/she is actually needed. Most schools will have a teacher or two who are armed forces veterans competent to use firearms, though they should have some police training as well. The uniformed security guard standing at the door of the school would just be the first one to be shot. He/she would be blindsided.

This might also work in a mall or church, but I think I would look for the nearest exit if it showed any type of malfuntion, like a tick, or movement!



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