...a couple staffers had been armed?

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I got to laughing so hard in reading this thread that I had to stop before I had a heart attack.

One of these days we may figure out how not to hurt each other, today isn't one of them.

Damn. And we almost got you.

Today is always the day to be better.

Nice, Lewal.

That's funny, but a really effective "friendly" response person wouldn't even be known to the students until/unless he/she is actually needed. Most schools will have a teacher or two who are armed forces veterans competent to use firearms, though they should have some police training as well. The uniformed security guard standing at the door of the school would just be the first one to be shot. He/she would be blindsided.

This might also work in a mall or church, but I think I would look for the nearest exit if it showed any type of malfuntion, like a tick, or movement!


"There ya go"

Just showing typical Blain Leavitt respect for your RoboCop solution --

The root cause of these shootings is exclusion. These murders are retaliation for alienation. This is beyond a cry for help. This is about ending it now and making a point while doing it. Arming-up to lessen the severity of these incidents may seem like a viable solution, however it would probably end up causing even more feelings of alienation. The suburbs don't have front porches. They have manicured lawns, keep off the grass. Old folk are put away. We would have to redesign our way of life. Guns can never solve this.

"Solution" isn't a word to be used here. "Solution" implies "no more problem." Rather we need to deal with the world of the possible and with what will significantly increase security and survivability for the highest number for the time being. If gun control, gun confiscation, etc., finally do come, they will take decades to become very effective. What to do in the meantime or in case gun control doesn't happen is the question.

I used to live in a suburb. I could shake hands with my backyard neighbor over the shadowbox fence. To drive to the front of his house I would have to leave my gated "community" (didn't know anybody,btw), drive out onto a big highway, then onto the freeway, exit to another highway, and then into another gated "community". Took about half an hour. We are isolated to our bedrooms and cars. Don't actually look at anyone. Can't even walk anywhere, it's too dangerous. Gee, I wonder why people loose it?

Then for vacation we go to a fake town at a theme park just to dream, or some European town designed long ago so people can actually interact and learn how to be social and feel like they really are part of a community.


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