...a couple staffers had been armed?

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(Oh) :(

Well, it behooves some people to switch spell check on in their browser, then. The mystery is that I've never consciously switched spell check on in any browser, and I use all three of the top ones from time to time (Firefox, Chrome, and IE).

There is some fallout from the Sandy Hook slaughter of innocents. The Dick's Sporting Goods store closest to Newtown, Connecticut is no longer selling guns. Walmart is no longer selling guns online, at least for now, though store sales will continue. Other companies with a stake in the Bushmaster's manufacturer have decided to sell off their shares.

A good sign? Don't break out the champagne just yet. Smaller gun stores report, however, that sales are skyrocketing. Why? It's not all due to temporary hysteria or paranoia. A lot of it is people simply wanting to buy a gun before that right goes away. Some may buy a gun simply as a sign of protest. A way of voting with their pocketbook, as it were.

As for the stock, if someone sells stock, it's because someone else buys it, and right now it looks like gun manufacturers remain a pretty good investment.

Ironically, 6% of the company's stock has been owned by the California Teachers Retirement Fund. They have decided to divest themself of their shares. This shows that often people don't really know the companies they own.

"This shows that often people don't really know the companies they own."

After playing in the 'securities' market for about 9 years, it was clear that large funds such as the 'California Teachers Retirement', might have an advisor/broker to determine buy/sell recommendations, maybe even a whole department. These recommendations are not always dependent upon an ethical or moral component.

The present divesture/sell, could be because of an evaluation concerning future value or a technical/fundamental perception. Technical as in charting. Fundamental as in ethical/moral support, a better buy, or poor future. I expect that this retirement fund would rather not be perceived to be making profit from the death of children, staff and teachers, a fundamental issue. This can not always be said of more cynical or pragmatic operations.

Attempting to sell a stock, only means an attempt to take any residual profit, or prevent a future loss. If the stock enters the market without buyers, it could be bid down to zero. Zero meaning, not a good investment! Normally when stocks are sold, there is some expectation of buyers, but the reality is, not always.

"Don't break out the champagne just yet."

For some, the above would be more than enough motivation to start pouring champagne and sending our check to 'Feed the Children'.

I have not bought a gun as 'protest', nor as the perception of a future threat. In my position, I expect that the nieve with guns will only mean a slow blood bath of the paranoid and the innocent. 

I read the NRA took down their website that day.

Facebook and Twitter down, website up.

Also the twitter that the WBC website, GodHatesFags.com is offline is not true as of 11:30am

A 'duck and cover' response? As their website gets email bombed, and the planetary web of hackavists slices and dices their site to digital fodder. There are very new forms of shotgun/automatic weapons now..

James if you want to be entertained go to the NRA site and look at NRA news at the top to watch the Cam and Co. Episode from last night. The guy talks for 10 minutes and says absolutely nothing.

I got bored and turned it off. It's like he's walking through a minefield on a tightrope in his underwear. One misstep, one mispeak, and his nuts are blown off.

I actually felt sorry for him for minute he is in such a no win situation, but the feeling quickly passed for me.

This has probably been said previously in the thread because I lost the will to live before finishing reading all replies...

If the school were adequately 'protected' (and what is the definition of adequate here?  What are we guarding against? Do we need a rent-a cop, an armed forces veteran, perhaps a serving special forces soldier or maybe even a small squad in case the first one gets shot?)

The seriously mentally disturbed man who did this would have gone somewhere else to do his killing; a different school without 'adequate' protection, a sports club, a shopping mall close to christmas, etc.  Do we put armed guards on everywhere?  Just because one deranged person in over 300 million has a some sort of episode should we live our lives in fear and mistrust?  No, because the huge majority of people do not go around shooting other people, and long should it remain so.

The alternative, with armed guards everywhere, keeping watch for possible threats, with government approval and pay, seems suspiciously similar to China and Stalin's USSR and might be called a police state...Okay, maybe a bit over dramatic but you get my drift.

That's what a lot of us with common sense have been saying, Alan.

And then there's Unseen and his ilk. Fortunately, he has a very small ilk.

I've always wanted an ilk. Something I could call my own.

Also if I ever get killed I would hope that the news reported that I was a assassinated. It means I've accomplished something in life, even if that something means I pissed off enough people to get assassinated.

Normal people get killed. To be assassinated you've made it.

Is 'ilk' like the inverse of 'mojo'?

I thought mojo was now called "swag"... but what do I know?


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