...a couple staffers had been armed?

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How many movie theaters, colleges, post offices, and fire engines are there?

Personally, I think the kids themselves should have been armed with automatic weapons. One of them could have looked up from eating snac-pac or his Jello pudding, or maybe put down his big fat crayons, interrupted his game of Duck, Duck Goose, and pulled out an AK-47 and blown this guy away.

"Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, DEAD!"

The problem is definately that not enough people have guns. We should definately put armed guards in grammar schools to protect our children as opposed to any other solution that might be offered.

When is America going to figure this out? We have decided as a society to accept a certain level of regularly scheduled inevitable innocent collateral damage death. What about the right to life liberty etc.? No amount of tears, prayer vigils or wrapping oneself in the constitution will bring these kids back. But let's deal the with the problem not the symptoms. Perhaps $700,000+ donated to congressional campaigns in the last election cycle has made up our minds for us, but we either have too many guns not enough regulation or both.

Because the alternate conclusion is that we are angrier or more crazy than all the other countries that have a significant number of guns in the hands of the populace. 10 million guns sold in the US in 2011, and I'm sure every single one of them when into the hands of the sanest and most stable of our citizens here in the US.

There's no doubt that the presence of so many guns tied to an economic system with frustration built into it and a culture that enjoys violent entertainments are all contributing factors, but few of us would want it any other way. Not enough to change things, anyway.

@Unseen - RE: "Give us the big picture, as you see it --"

Much like a theist, you seem to have a real problem with saying, "I don't know." You skirted responding to my post entirely. Please give us your solution to the issue, with details. As you're so fond of saying, be specific.

Specifically, I thought you would have read into what I wrote that I don't see a solution. We may have to live with this because I don't see any overwhelming interest in changing things.

The late psychologist, Eric Berne, was a "people person," who tried to bring the complex subject of psychology down to the understanding of the average Man. One of his books was, Games People Play, and rather than concoct my own definition of the concept, I'll use the Wikipedia version, which says it very well:

In 1964 Berne published Games People Play which, despite having been written for a professional readership, became an enormous bestseller and made Berne famous.[4] The book presented clear, everyday examples of the way in which human beings get caught up in the games they play. Berne gave these games memorable titles such as "Now I've got you, you son of a bitch," "Wooden leg," "Yes, but...," and "Let's you and him fight."

In Berne's explanation of transaction as games, when the transaction is a zero-sum game, e.g. one must win at the other's expense, the person who benefits from a transaction (wins the game) is referred to as White, and the victim is referred to as Black, corresponding to the often likely outcome of a chess game.

The article refers to a game called, "Yes, but,,,," erroneously - the actual title is, "'Why don't you...?' - 'Yes, but...,'" and the difference is important.

In the game, White says, "I have a problem --" then describes the problem. Black, trying to be helpful and provide a solution, says, "Why don't you --?" and provides a possible solution. But White doesn't want a solution, rather White wants a continuation of the game, the attention it provides, and the feeling of superiority it generates by poking holes in Black's best efforts at resolving the issue, so he continues, "Yes, but --" and proceeds to destroy the proffered solution, forcing Black to come up with a new one, and so the game continues.

Berne not only described these games, detailed the payoffs available to White in each game, but offered an antithesis, by which Black could end the game instantly,  an antithesis as regards, "'Why don't you...' - 'Yes, but...,'" in which Black responds, "That really IS a problem, what do YOU see as a solution?" Game over.

So, Unseen, that really IS a problem, what do YOU see as a solution?

Virtually every statistical analysis ever done has shown, unequivocally, that the best way to vastly increase your chances of dying by gunfire is to keep a loaded gun in your home.  Case in point:

Many years ago, when I was even dumber than I am now, I kept a loaded .32 caliber revolver in the nightstand next to my bed.  I lived alone - no kids ever around - so I felt quite safe having it in my drawer.

One day, as I lay in bed with the flu, two close friends came to visit.   As I engaged one - a devout Baptist - in theological debate, the other - an equally devout Catholic - avoided the discussion, since few Catholics are willing to discuss their religion, and he was bored.  Without my notice, my Catholic friend, Fred, casually pulled open the drawer on my nightstand and removed the gun.  I hadn’t even noticed, energetically engaged as I was in demolishing the arguments of my Baptist friend - Tarvin.

I looked over at Fred, standing at the foot of my bed, and he was pointing the gun directly at me.  I yelped, “Fred, that’s loaded!!!”  Despite his Hispanic skin tone, Fred almost turned white and nearly fainted.  He said, breathlessly, “I was just about to pull the trigger; I thought it was a toy.”  I threw that gun away the next day and have not since replaced it.

Sadly ignorance can kill.

You said: "...I threw that gun away the next day..."

2 questions;

1.) Where did you throw it?

2.) Did you unload it first?

Can anyone remember when kids would take their guns to school on the first day of hunting season, lock them in their lockers and then leave with them at lunch?

This has been purported to be true and I am trying to figure out what timeframe we are talking about.

I think I can remember a kid bringing a disabled war memento Luger to class for show and tell. But of course, I'm ancient. Nothing even remotely like that could happen today without creating an incident. I'm pretty sure a squirt gun would cause a rumpus nowadays.

It depends on what part of the country, etc., but I've seen multiple eyewitness accounts dating from the 30s and 40s and even 50s


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