...a couple staffers had been armed?

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More cops hanging out at schools with stun guns (go ahead and ignore the immediate, more minor "Don't taze me bro!" repercussions of that). Security professionals tend to take their job very seriously and are well-trained and on-point enough to see a gun before it gets used.

More to that point, more metal detectors. Put the TSA in schools. Those schools shootings will be replaced by moaning and groaning about having to go through security in no time. My memories of the TSA are not fond. My memories of my kid getting a gaping chest wound would, I imagine, be... less fond.

The TSA? In today's budget atmosphere? I don't think so. Do you have ANY idea how many schools there are in the country vs. how many airports there are?

I'd be in favor of better security in schools, but it will have to be paid for locally, and thus probably won't happen.

Let's see, where could we make cuts...? Consequently, I'd pay a little to make sure a bunch of kids didn't get killed, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?

Well not with that attitude it won't, mister.

RE: "Do you have ANY idea how many schools there are in the country" - why yes, I do, 93,000+, just as I said in my much, much earlier comment, in which I said almost exactly that which you now seem to be echoing --

Nearly 100,000 according to this site. And that's just public schools, not charter schools and other private schools. 

So if we want to install a Uniformed protection racket, we have to be a corporation filed with the SEC, and start asking for investor moneys ASAP?

I'm not for uniformed guards. The uniform makes them the first target. I think the defender(s) should be in stealth mode.

Are you saying they should be - (gasp!) - UNSEEN?!!

Stealth mode at the shopping mall...


I've no doubt your decision to volunteer is greatly appreciated!

What if the teachers accidently shoot some kids or staff in the crossfire?   Is that just the risk you have to take?


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