...a couple staffers had been armed?

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So if we want to install a Uniformed protection racket, we have to be a corporation filed with the SEC, and start asking for investor moneys ASAP?

I'm not for uniformed guards. The uniform makes them the first target. I think the defender(s) should be in stealth mode.

Are you saying they should be - (gasp!) - UNSEEN?!!

Stealth mode at the shopping mall...


I've no doubt your decision to volunteer is greatly appreciated!

What if the teachers accidently shoot some kids or staff in the crossfire?   Is that just the risk you have to take?

Of course. "Friendly fire." If a police officer had stumbled on the shooter and accidentally shot a kid before killing the shooter but cut the body count from 20 to 5 (including the one the cop shot), the math works. It's a worthwhile trade off, no?

It has been claimed that police are far more likely to do this sort of accidental collateral damage than are non-police citizens with a concealed carry permit in similar situations.  In other words the "professionals" are worse shots than the amateur who jumped through the (relatively minor) hoops to get a permit..

At the same time, a lot of amateur gun owners may go to the practice range several times a year whereas a police officer may only go as often as required. Perhaps once per year.

Don't you ever run down? You're like the freakin' Energizer Bunny, you just keep going, and going, and going, and going, and...



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