...a couple staffers had been armed?

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I don't think that is correct, our recent history shows that we are willing to accept violations of the 2nd Amendment all the time.  Case in point Clinton's AWB, to me a very clear infringement of 2nd Amendment Rights.

Not to mention I can't by a muffler for my rifle without paying an additional $200 to the government and then waiting a year for permission to buy the muffler.

How is my NOT being allowed to purchase an FN P90 NOT an infringement on my 2nd Amendment Right?  But I can buy a pre-86 full auto MP5 if I'm willing to spend $5,000 to $10,000.  This shit is insane.

It's actually a semi-solid point, and it should be addressed.

Would it have been smaller? Who knows. I don't see how analysing one event could draw any good conclusions. It seems pointless to ponder on the what ifs as it is a complex thing with so many variables. 

One thing that gets me is the classic 'guns don't kill, people do'.  Yea, WITH. GUNS. Guns give the speed and ruthless efficiency that a psycho wants by orders of magnitude - compared to, say, a knife - they make it like a Nintendo game, reducing people to inanimate targets. You just can't wipe out a classroom so quickly with any other weapon.

I can see an adult killing nearly 20 people in 10 minute with a knife. A knife might even be more effficient since one tends not to "miss" with a knife because it's such an intimate way of killing.

Actually, quite recently in China, a man did exactly that in a schoolful of children - and I can see, now that I've already started, that kOrsan has a link to it below - but of the children he stabbed, none died.

Death by gunshot involves not only the bullet, it can also be caused by the shock of the impact - not so much with a knife - and people a distance away have less reason to fear the attacker than someone wielding a gun, and stand a greater chance of disarming him.

Many of the people killed by bombs have no outward signs of injury. The shock wave from the blast would rupture some of their internal organs causing them to die of exsangjuination or by catastrophic organ malfunction.

I expect that he is describing the human body as if it were treated as a tooth paste tube, or there abouts. It is not total fragmentation, but liquidfaction. A little like a whole body wet windy,

Again this exceeds my TMI daily limits. I now must purge by watching absurd comedy videos for 37 mins.....


I can see an adult, but I can't see every adult. Whereas a firearm equalizes the potential of every adult to be very a very effective killing machine, a knife does not.

.... because psychos never, ever use knives to kill.

Never 26 people in a matter of moments.

Perhaps because they have such easy access to guns?

"Oh yeah. I guess I can't get a gun, so I guess I'll have to give up my idea of killing a bunch of people."


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