...a couple staffers had been armed?

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This wouldn't have happened if the children were armed. On the bright side, the parents can now return the christmas presents and buy something nice for themselves instead.

If you were looking for a 9 out of 10 on an irrelevant comment laugh-o-meter, congrats.

Not really that funny at this time

How about now?

@ Blaine Leavitt,

...with 20 babies dead...

What babies???

Where are the babies???

Did somebody shoot-up the maternity ward at a hospital???

Using the word "babies" instead of a more correct descriptive word like "children" is hyperbole, but you probably already knew that, didn't you?

lol what are 30 year olds to you? Teenagers?

If 80 is the new 'old', surely '30' is the new teenager. Anyway living with you mother could be a dead give away...LOL 

I think stupid has been the new smart for quite a while now.

Sadly yes. I was told a few days ago, by a retired employment advisor, that I should 'go along to get along'. Every time I have tried, my brains, honesty, and independence get in the way. If I just 'stopped' being who I am, I guess this could make alot of trolls very happy.

Now I am looking for work again after one year's self-given sabbatical. My contracting business died during the 'mis-management' economy crash. Now I have to redefine myself again to a whole web of new gate keepers. Atleast I did not need to go live with my mother... 

Sadly, I have needed to 'live with my mother' a few times over the last 20 years, but atleast I have always found my exit after a few months. I can't say that others are less motivated for staying with 'mom', but it can get very comfortable.

Very cogent argument, Gregg. Yea. They were 5 and 6 years old. Who could have a problem with blowing their heads off, right?

@ Mike Long,

You're doing it too Mike;

...blowing their heads off...

all of these children and adults were shot with a handgun, not a shotgun nor even a rifle (even tho the media leaves the impression they were all killed with an AR 15).

So Mike when I see people using inflammatory emotionally charged words and hyperbole in their argument I point it out.

The question that started this thread pointed out a simple reality, essentially that a defenseless "Gun Free Zone" is a "Target Rich Environment" for a derange person bent on killing.

And that the reliance of the "Gun Free Zone" on the "Honor System" is clearly flawed as demonstrated at Virgina Tech, Aurora, Shady Hook, etc.

Mike, the only way to make a "Gun Free Zone" safe is to defend it, for an example take a plane somewhere.

Actually, most gun mayhem is not done with "assault rifles, but rather with handguns and shotguns, two types of guns which will never be put under control without a change in the Constitution, to amend or repeal the 2nd Amendment, which will happen when pigs fly.


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