...a couple staffers had been armed?

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A plastic gun can be made on a kitchen table. A lathe and mill in a kitchen? Not likely. Also, once economies of scale kick in as more and more get sold, making a plastic gun will be much cheaper.

While these guns are only good for a few shots (they are plastic, after all). One can quickly and easily make many of them. They have the potential to bring gunmaking to Everyman in a way that a metalworking shop does not.

if you check the only part of that gun that was made on a 3d printer was the lower receiver. if they tried to make a whole gun on a 3d printer it would blow up in your face on the first shot.

Anyway i do not even see what you are trying to argue. you can easily make pipe bombs and even plastic explosives in your kitchen from easily and cheaply procured items , Does that mean we should legalize those then?

But if you can make a gun out of plastic today you can make one out of ceramics not far down the road, and ceramic guns won't just blow up on the first shot.

If there's anything religion has taught us (...) it's that you can tweak something so much that it's technically what it originally was in name only. It seems to me that that's how the 2nd Amendment pans out in the long run anyway.

Quite possibly!!! (my answer to your status question)

I think a better question is why is it that our schools are so poorly monitored? It's not like the guy walked in blazing. I don't know about the east coast states but where I'm from in Ca, my schools always had 6 foot chain fencing with monitors to keep people out. Adults had to go to the front office, no exceptions. My high school was made by a prison maker, has 30 foot cement walls, iron gates that locked and steel doors. It didn't have barbed wire or anything, but it point was that we where safe. I can understand not being fortified but why was a man allowed to just roam around a elementary school?

the way you describe your school gives it the outlook of a garrison. Compared to my school, your former school would be a prison. The fence around my school was barbed wire barely 1.8m high and the gate manned by unarmed guards. All you had to do was say who you were going to see and that is it. My campus had fences but in real sense it is as porous as a sieve. I don't see why a school need to be so fortified, in fact I think it points to a problem within the society.

In Australia

No fences around most schools.

No guards in schools.

No security checks on entering schools.

No school mass slayings

No guns (well almost)

i hate to ask, but that sound like my Catholic school..;)

no it was not. It was public.

True, but did you notice the almost total lack of dark skin. It might have been public but I'm not sure what the difference was between it and a lily-white private school. And most private schools would have wanted some dark-skinned tokens to show how liberal they were. A public school has the excuse that it just draws on the kids from its district.


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