...a couple staffers had been armed?

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'I feel' ver 'I think', that I would not wish that thugs with guns, to rule. I also would rather not 'live' with any frequency of these incidents, nor will there ever be an acceptable death toll. Death is part of being alive, but I would rather take my chances with nature, than the twisted effects of culture any day. It becomes a quality of life issue. I would rather not tolerate poisened rivers and the extinction of life, any more than a culture that has become so toxic, as to create or tolerate a growing ugliness as we have experienced these last few days.

'..We are getting used to it..' (Grand Canyon, movie 1991)

As I read the posts, it feels as if many of us see this apparent growing level of violence as just another cynical business opportunity. I think I would rather have speed bumps on our freeways, than a seeming daily litany of school killings, piles of body bags, the wailing of familys, and another sale of weapons to a desparate/nieve population of future victims.  

Can we focus on the 'causes', or are we affraid of looking into the abyss, to see what looks back into us? Maybe we already KNOW? 

The fact that we've had mass shootings in the news quite a bit this year might lead us to forget that, in this country of about 315 million, a few dozen deaths is really nothing. In fact, 10 times that amount wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket. We actually have bigger problems to deal with.

Preventable deaths should never be dismissed so lightly.

1% of the 30,000 US gun deaths per year are justifiable, including police action.

So, yeah, NO...

You're saying that if a couple people (security officers, teachers or administrators) had been armed it would not have reduced the death count. 

Explain, please.

Nope, not at all. By the numbers, facts are facts, It just doesn't pan out. Even armed security guards are easy marks. It takes about 2 minutes to kill a classroom full of kids.

To be at the ready, every teacher would have to  essentially be "a soldier", armed and ready, crouching behind cover all day.The killer has been planning this out. Do you really want everyone living under the gun? I would like to think Americans can own guns. I guess that is asking too much.

That sounds like a statistic, but it's an opinion ("justified"? by whose standards). So where did you get that "statistic"?

Justifiable, meaning  that the shooter was not charged with a crime. Of course most gun deaths are ruled suicides..but that's a another issue.

I there are the ever popular "I was cleaning my gun and it went off, killing my wife" excuse. I don't think "justifiable" includes suicides or accidents. Not in any ordinary sense of the word.

If I were on that guy's jury I'd laugh him into a conviction (absent some really unforeseeable circumstance I can't imagine here and now).

A gun cannot "go off" while disassembled for cleaning (you might even say it's irreducibly complex!), and must be unchambered if you have any intention of cleaning the bore (which is the most important part of the cleaning).  So basically he would have to be in the process of unloading or loading the gun prior to or after the cleaning for it to be capable of going off.  So then the question is what the blazing fucque is he doing pointing it at his wife while doing so, AND having his finger on the trigger?  Multiple violations of the four basic rules of safety going on there.  He's either so stupid he's a hazard to bystandanders, or he really wanted his wife dead.

Yeah, but we in the U.S. have a right to bear arms that's in our Constitution, and changing that is about as close to impossible as making pi an integer.

Don't be hatein'!

America has a problem, for sure. But gun control won't fix it.


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