...a couple staffers had been armed?

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Absolutely. How could, for example, having an armed security guard or two not have cut down the death toll among the children (which is now 22, with 2 having died in the hospital)? Are you saying that saving a few of those children would not have been worthwhile?

Explain, please!

I asked you a question. You replied with a bumper sticker.

A legitimate response, considering such a bumper sticker, implies that absurdity Strega finds in your post.

What one finds reasonable, another might find absurd.

I expect that having an armory in the school principle's office, would only create other problems.

Even lockouts on all school doors during the school day would not so much save the kids against a low probability event, but would create the impression that the 'reality' around the kids is a fearful place, full of monsters, and demons, giving religious evangelists a new population for their fear mongering.

Promoting security folks at schools would increase the costs of operation, while offering little protection due to their inexperience and possible grand standing. Building a mystic around people who carry guns, and the power that they feel with a weapon, only increases the level of fantasy and modeling kids can indudge in. If a quiet security detail could be created, that is non-intrusive and covert, might offer a force to suppress a possible shooter, but again schools are not yet structured for an 'OK Corral' like event.

I would like to see a more overt attempt at intervention, sadly I am doubtful that the psycological establishment is fully up to the task of intervention.

Anyone have suggestions?


Also having an armory will entice kids to steal weapons and play around with it, which will cause accidents.

I'm sure a safe with a combination lock or random character passcode would keep even high school students out 99.999% of the time. I think the benefit would outweigh the risk.

You'd be surprised how creative kids are when there is a lock on it. I was already learning how to break passcodes on computers when I was a kid, and that was before internet was so widespread. Imagine now how easy it would be today with the information on the net..

I'm sure a lot of things would surprise me, but we can't reject a good idea because it grows awry a very very very small percentage of the time.

A box with a built-in lock on it with six 10-digit dials would have no electronic way of beaking it. Of course, the kids might have an oxygen/acetylene cutting torch, right?

Just let us know when there's a good idea and we won't reject it... 

Smart kids and 'get the man' puzzles! Sadly, I have seen my share of events that seem to imply that the kids flunked their science classes.


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