...a couple staffers had been armed?

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LOL Stop it Blaine, you're making me laugh.

I myself would prefer neither, that's why I carry a gun, but each to his own.

I'd recommend Logan Heights if you really want to find out what a good assault feels like (I can't guarantee it won't end up a homicide).

The most likely difference between outcomes between the UK and US is that in the US you won't be the victim of a violent crime you would have been victim of on the UK.  The chances of you being murdered in the US (by any means not just gunfire) where you would not have been in the UK are far smaller.

Put it to you this way I'd feel safer in the US.

While an assault weapon ban wouldn't have kept the weapon used in this shooting away from the shooter because (a) it isn't really an assault weapon and (b) he got it from his mother, most gun crimes are actually done with guns that can't be banned: pistols and shotguns. 

Now this, I believe, everyone here can agree on.

That guy is warped. Unless it's a sick joke by a gun opponent, that is. There is no twitter account by that name now, so it's hard to know if there ever was one. Certainly creating a graphic that looked like a tweet would be simple to do. I could do it in about 15 minutes.

There is a Facebook, it looks like FB not twitter. Little Rock AR. 2nd match down on my FB search. He changed his picture to a mountain. And, he has a friend Tom Thompson. Probably deleted the post after taking some shit for it.

Every other post the guy does is praying for somebody about something. Latest for the electricity being out around xmas.

Nice picture with his buds most of them wearing the same church mission shirt. He looks young.

In December I'll ask him to pray that Netflix doesn't go down on Christmas Eve again.

That is not the solution, look at Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ring the fire alarm and shoot them outside. The solution is not letting them walk after 7 years. The solution is holding the father and grandfather accountable. How could the parents of the Columbine shooters not know about the weapons they posessed?  Until they reach majority, parents are responsible for them and everything they do.

How could my parents have not known about the Penthouse magazines in my room?

what makes you think they didn't?


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