...a couple staffers had been armed?

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You can stand by your statement all you want. I don't experience this fear you're talking about. The United States is an easy target, but whatever nation is the most powerful and economically successful would be subject to exactly the same sort of carping. Just be glad, for now, that it's the U.S. and not China or Russia throwing its weight around.

I have seen this point being made by theists also. The US is such a moral spiritual place, why change a thing.

@ Judith, you have asked "Address the two real questions:" numbers 1 and 2.

Unfortunately neither is a question.

In rereading your post I think it is safe to say that you don't like firearms. If we look past the hyperbolic verbiage there may be a point or two that can be discussed.

The core concept in your first paragraph appears to be that an armed individual at the school will have little to no positive effect on the outcome of this type of tragedy.  For the most part I agree, depending on the circumstances.  It comes down to two main human concepts: Personal survival and Personal sacrifice and the balance between these two psychological drives differs with each individual, the potential outcome is simply incalculable.  However that doesn't mean teachers and school personal should be forced to remain unarmed, every American no matter where they work has an unalienable right to defend themselves.

School shootings are a very rare event, using your figures 62 in 30 years, currently there are approximately 125,000 schools in the US with approx. 180 schools per year.

So 30 years times 125,000 schools times 180 days equals 675,000,000 divided by 62 gives us a one in 10,877,096 chance of occurrence.

These are rough figures but you get the idea, those are long odds and another reason why I'm against adding armed guards to the schools.  The money would be better spent on free health care for the mentally ill.

As far as your second and third paragraph go, do more research, the information is available you just have to put in the time to find it.

Regarding your fourth paragraph:

This has been a sensible response, thank you.

I have been giving this a lot of thought and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This question of whether to have all schools as Gun Free Zones or having some type of armed security is answerable.

I now know who should be making this decision...the parents.

It just is not a decision for those who don't have children in schools, the right to decide this question belongs to those with the most to lose, not to the rest of us no matter what side of the issue we are on.

Let the parents decide.  The rest of us can do our part by making sure the leaders we elect make it happen.

The parents of those children are the ones taking the risk, it will be their lives that will be shattered, it is their choice not ours.

I think while the general public is willing to entrust their children in school to luck, the kids in many of the private schools probably do have armed protection. I guess those rich people are just dumb.

Let me see if I have this correct, I as a local property owner thru forced taxation must pay for the waste and salaries of an educational system that isn't very good at the educational part, but the parents must pay out of pocket for the security of that system.

Damn, you are one fine American.

You can get a rather good education, if you can get off the common lesson plan and do some self study, I did this as much as I could for HS.

As the demands on public education increase, I expect that it will, in time, become nearly impossible to teach or study. If the religious right get a bigger foot hold, we will be lucky to have public school health classes, an even marginal science program, and a reduction in library books. The future of middle class students eaten up by the outside costs for security and ideology. Many will see this collapse as an expression of  'Good Americans'.  

Good for you James, my daughter had to do the same, earned her PhD by the time she was 27.

If you really want to see how bad the public education system is, go online and see where America places compared to the rest of the world in graduating 12th graders. :(

How much money does it require to take down a sign that says "Gun Free Zone".  How much money does it require to allow qualified CCW holders to exercise that right at their place of work.

Sadly, that sad day may be here. It's sad.

It will be a Sadder Day once we force all the law abiding citizens to turn in their weapons.

Washington D.C. had the strictest gun control laws in our country, they also had the highest murder by gun rate in the nation.  Until the law abiding citizens got their right to Keep and Bear Arms back. Go figure.

Ho sorry guys ........

I must say I am pleased to live in England, here in London, not all police carry weapons, and not many of the bad guys. Ho and to be an atheist is not a huge problem.


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