...a couple staffers had been armed?

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I wouldn't want the guards to be rent-a-cops but people who run through all the same hoops, say, state troopers do. Also, they needn't be in uniform or carrying a gun on their hip, but simply have one handy in case they hear gunfire down the hall. For all the kids would know (or any intruders, for that matter) they might simply be adult volunteers. 

Of course it sounds like a bad idea if you're main interest is creating a dumb strawman to knock down. 

As for intervention, people have rights not to be "interventioned" if they don't want to, and even if they are forced, if they are delusional paranoids, that will just feed their delusion.

You think Americans would put up the money for a well-trained security force when we don't give two shits about teachers' salaries?

Exactly. You want to put the equivalent of a state trooper in every school in  America to just sit there and wait for an event that is most likely never going to happen? Get real! No one will pay for this.

You could equip all teachers with tasers. Cheaper than guards, but you run the risk of turning teachers into trigger-happy megalomaniacs like usual cops and they might whip it out on their annoying students.

Oh, there will be other less serious events. I understand that schools call local police fairly regularly to handle fights, eject intruders, and so on.

If no one will pay for it, then they've placed a price on the kids lives.

Everyone has a price on their life. Are you going to provide my kids with a bodygaurd when they go shopping if they feel unsafe?

What about your kids when they go for a night out?

Private, ever trustworthy bodygaurd for everyone?

How about one for the bodygaurd?

and yet army with its 800 bases in 120 countries that costs US about 900 billions dollars is a great idea, makes us safe and secured, and having 3.5b spend so some maniac wont come to school ( or other gun free zone) with  machete or tank of gasoline forget any firearm is so bad idea. US just restocked Israels army with 675mil worth of ammo that they just dumped on Palestine, well GET REAL

What does the US support of Israel have to do with this topic? At any rate, (a) there is no such place as "Palestine"; (b) Israel is subject to rocket attack from Gaza. These attacks are fairly random. The missiles they use aren't particularly aimed at anything strategic. They are merely used as terror weapons. Most Israeli replies have actual targets.

I don't know if it would make much difference. I had this discussion tonight with my wife. My daughter's school has a door with buzzer access, but that doesn't mean the secretary knows the person at the door. Someone can easily get buzzed in and walk right past her and into a classroom. If anything could keep kids safer it would be classroom doors that stay locked all the time, with a small window to see who's knocking. I don't think a mall cop would be trained enough to stop someone determined to do what happened today.

It doesn't have to be a mall cop. Universities often have campus police who are actually state police with all the training that applies, and they are fully armed. On the other hand, if some of the teachers had guns they could be similar to the sky marshals.

Anyway, you admit "I don't know if it would make much difference" which is an admission that it might.

And might just be another body on the floor.

At least the secretary can choose not to buzz someone in if they seem to be holding an assault rifle.


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