...a couple staffers had been armed?

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Yea I read this on CNN. There was a good comment saying If Americans put as much effort into education as they do into guns they would be intellectually unstoppable. It's baffling to the rest of the world. 

Sadly, the 'big picture' might be un-available to some of us.

So true.

But you can't shoot someone with a higher education! (Er, I mean you can't shoot someone using a higher education as a weapon.)

Sadly, in my experience, within every science nerd there might reside a pyro wanting to get out. Happily, most of them out grow that propensity by the time they reach 18. One thing that I thought should be mandatory for science majors is philosophy and/or ethics classes. Sadly, they might rather experiment, before they realize how 'a little knowledge' can be a dangerous thing.

I think one saving point for our culture is that thugs do not always make good science nerds. I expect mixing science and crime, could be(or is) a growth industry.

Practical military types, often times see science as a wonderful source of 'what if' sources of 'enemy' body count improvement. I expect that being deeply engaged in the creation of weapons and the tools of the trade, is about as much fun as science projects.

After watching a few military trade show videos, I expect fireing a 3000 round/min gatteling gun, is atleast as much fun as hang gliding or sex. Demolishing a junk car from 2000 ft away, hanging from a helicopter, while in flight, must be a rush.  

Not sure if this has anything to do with school shootings other than to remind us that in some situations people are even more exposed to nuts with guns than school children.

Availability of guns is directly related to school shootings and nuts having guns.

just as a comment, I think saving those few children would be the best if in fact the position you posit is the greatest possible (and also realistic) solution of arming teachers in a school.  

But I think there are better solutions.  I think reasonable gun control can be had.  This would take 40, 50, 100 years possibly but it might be worth it.  

Also, more security at a school.  Bullet proof glass, parents would need an id to pick up their children.  

But honestly, if I wanted to murder lots of children and a school started to put in bullet proof glass and have armed people everywhere, I would just go to a toys r us and walk in with an m4 and start mowing them down.  

Why would someone target a school?  Sure there are lots of children in a tight space but there are MANY places where lots of children in tight spaces go.  

It has to do with easily accessible guns.  Take care of that issue and other things will naturally get better, but never will it be 100% better.  There will always be guns that end up in hands that they shouldn't be in.

I would like to find a solution for this 'problem', that allows people to own weapons as they see fit, that can suppress all or most acts of gun violence, that does not severly impact human health. that allows some civilizing process within culture, and that does not decay our cultural standing with other peoples.  


We need humor, mixed with our bitter pills....

Then get down on your knees and PRAY! (Did I just write that?)

"Prey!" would have been more like you --


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