...a couple staffers had been armed?

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I see. It's the quietly normal people we should suspect most of all.

Just give them some equal consideration maybe. And I believe this is also related to the cause itself. People will blame everything now. For the billionth time: guns, violent video games/music/movies, godlesness...

The parents will be pissed off demanding all sorts of shit to be banned.

But none of them will say "Yeah my kid jason bullied that adam kid in school, so it's kind of our fault too."

In loco parentis has been degraded to the point where teachers' and schools' hands are tied much more than they used to be, and if they do exert authority, watch out!

Reign of Terror. So terrible?


Right!  Instead of getting guns out of the hands of unstable people and criminals, let's put security guards, metal detectors, and armed teachers in all the schools.  Having been a teacher for 36 years, I can assure you that the LAST thing I would want to see is a firearm being toted by some of the psycho teachers I've known.  What makes anyone think that a teacher is any less likely to go bonkers than a kid who, by all reports, was intelligent and unaggressive?  I guarantee you, if all the teachers were armed, the result would be many more reports of this kind, only perpetrated by some frustrated, angry teacher; and there's no shortage of THOSE!  Most states have enacted laws to take paddles out of the hands of vengeful teachers, largely because of the mental and emotional instability of some of them; now we're going to replace the paddles with guns?  In short, the more guns that are easily available, the more psycho killers will have them, and use them.  And that includes unbalanced teachers.  

Seriously, though, this is a straw man argument.  Even if a case could be made that this killer MIGHT have been brought down before he killed all those children, which is highly doubtful, it is NOT an argument for not having the same kind of sensible gun laws that civilized nations use to keep their gun deaths down to levels far, far, FAR lower than our insane, gun-sucking, cowboy wannabe nation willingly and shamefully endures.  And they DON'T do it by arming their teachers and fortifying their schools.

Bottom line: the main reason for America exceeding the handgun mortality rates of all the rest of the world combined is that, for every bullet that killed one of those children at Sandy Hook Elementary, there are a few more cents change in the pockets of the millionaire gun & ammo manufacturers and retailers who exploit the gun nuts who imagine themselves to be "Dirty Harry" or Charles Bronson.  NO AMOUNT of deaths among children will get these merchants of death to give up a penny of profit.

Finally, there is the NRA - The "National Rampage Association," as Bob Shrum calls it - which is the largest, most homicidal, most evil, criminal organization in American history.  They fight hard to prevent any laws requiring background checks at gun shows.  Why?  In order to expand their customer base, including gang bangers and serial killers; hey, profit is profit, and America is all about profit.  They also fought hard to make "cop killer" ammunition legal.  And what are "cop killer" bullets?  They are exactly what they say they are: bullets designed for the sole purpose of penetrating the protective vests of policemen.  Even the Mafia didn't do that. The vile NRA exists for ONE purpose and one purpose ONLY, to enrich the weapons and ammunition industry.  At least the Mafia killed their own, not helpless little children. 

"Right!  Instead of getting guns out of the hands of unstable people and criminals..." 

So, it's as simple as rounding up all the schizophrenics, bipolars, weirdos, and people who seem hostile. Let's just declare them non-Americans so they have no rights. Oh, I forgot, even non-Americans have rights while within our borders.

RE: "So, it's as simple as rounding up all the schizophrenics, bipolars, weirdos, and people who seem hostile."

Yes - but if it makes you feel any better, we'll miss you!

"Even if a case could be made that this killer MIGHT have been brought down before he killed all those children, which is highly doubtful..." 

What's doubtful about it. His spree was 10 minutes long. Even if an armed guard or teacher had found him after 5 minutes, he might have killed half as many kids. Where is YOUR logic that it's doubtful?

Dale, Dale, Dale....on matters of gun control we are definitely at odds. Your vision of the American gun owner being some sort of John Wayne macho type excreting way too much testosterone simply doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Ninety-nine percent of gun owners in America are responsible law abiding citizens who have no axe to grind. It is blatantly unfair to try to and make myself and others out to be something we are not. The weapon of choice is really irrelevant. People who become psychopathic killers will use whatever is available, gun or not. 

I've thought about this for a while now and I think they should look at the air marshal program for guidance. Security that is hidden is harder to anticipate or neutralize.  

As I mentioned elsewhere, they could be teachers or they could appear to be adult volunteers. They needn't be obvious cops but plain clothed instead.

Hmmm... I posted a response to this and cannot find it... so if I seem to be repeating myself that's why.

The logic behind concealed carry programs is precisely that not knowing who the armed people are is a deterrent.  They do seem to have reduced (rather than increased) crime somewhat, contrary to the hysterical predictions of shootings occurring during disputes over parking lots or for someone writing a check in the express checkout.


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