Vegetarians would like to see a world where no one eats meat. At least some feminists would like to see a world where men and women are essentially the same except for outward appearance. Conservatives think liberalism is wrong and vice versa.

Many people would like to stamp out capital punishment worldwide. Some people feel that everyone should be nice and politically correct at all times and never be angry or rude. Some people say that no one every should tell a lie; others think lying can be good sometimes. Some people think everyone should be (fill in the religion); on the other side are atheists like us. 

Now, imagine a homogenized world. Everyone under the same laws. Believing the same things. Everyone having exactly the same rights and responsibilities. The same limitations and the same opportunities. And everyone's happy with it, including you.

Standing back from this world, would this be a good world or would there be something fundamentally flawed or wrong or dysfunctional with it?

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@Unseen, @archaeopteryx  Jacque Fresco has some interesting ideas that may pertain to this. I wonder how you feel about his ideas.

Unless we consider what it is everyone is agreeing on, we can't really say that everyone would be happy/content.

If everyone agreed that survival of the fittest was the way to live, it follows that lots of people would be unhappy when they became the victims. Ultimately, that's what pure Capitalism leads to. Competition is based on someone winning and someone losing. We could all agree that competition is good, but we can't all be happy with the results.

Now, imagine a homogenized world. Everyone under the same laws. Believing the same things. Everyone having exactly the same rights and responsibilities. The same limitations and the same opportunities. And everyone's happy with it, including you.

Everyone can be under the same law and believing the same things, but when you move to everyone having the same rights and responsibilities... you've moved to a specific system. Maybe everyone agrees that not everyone has the same rights and responsibilities. The only way homogeneity can exist is if it's a Socialistic structure... and not everyone agrees that's a good thing from the jump.

So, honestly, the question is impractical. It's a loaded question.

hhmmm.. Good call. I was envisioning this:

But that doesn't mean everyone else was.

In order to get into the spirit of the question, which was of the "what if?" variety, one has to imagine that people have become consistent, accepting whatever the outcome happens to be as the best possible scenario for themselves as for everyone else.

Right, I get that... but I also think it's an impossible scenario. Unless we all have our needs met, no one is going to be consistent across the board. No one is going to say "Oh sure, I don't mind being the guy who does all the work and doesn't get fed!" There can only be one situation where humans collectively agree on something: the one where everyone is treated fairly. Either we all starve, or no one starves... otherwise there will be people who are discontent.

I get that this is a hypothetical "what if" scenario, but you're not going to get any meaningful answers if we don't deal with reality and human nature. The only scenario humans can all agree on and be content with is the one where everyone wins. Anything else is unrealistic to the extreme. Who's going to agree to, and be content with, their own subjugation?

The reason I brought it up is that many people (and this includes atheists) see the world as a better place if everyone agreed with them on whatever the ax they grind happens to be. But what if all such questions were settled and we finally lived in a perfect world. Would that be a good thing?

Can I watch? Please, please, please, please? I'd pay to see that!

@UnOne - Either you don't get it, or you really do and the issue is rhetorical and you're just playing head games, which gives rise to "Max Headgame," as opposed to "Headroom."

Human's aren't wired for Utopias. You're describing a Heaven, which by its very definition would HAVE to be the most boring place off earth, or an Islamic state, where all of the rules as to how to live are, "in the book!" Don't ask, just do.

Humans NEED a Utopia, but not to live in, to pursue. Whatever the object, it's the pursuit of it that has made us what we are. If we ever catch it, we're dead as a species. Our brains would atrophy, and you of all people should know how that feels.

A place rather fun to think about, but even visiting might be a painful event!

I had the opportunity to visit the Ragnesh Puram, commune early 1980's, in Oregon. People wearing orange outfits, rose colored glasses, and intoning the Bagwan's name was more than enough to turn me away from such a model. A little life '1984', but kinder...


Ever been with people that always agree with you? Deliver us!

Well, there's my fan club.

I think I've met your fan club --




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